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It's so interesting to see how they were shooting. The i mean. It's all the stuff that we talked about on the podcast in the past. It's not like a huge revelations but seeing them shooting that first episode in front of a live studio audience actually getting to see the set design and color. because you only see in black and white not episode Seeing how they were shooting everything with like the weapons of the era and how it all comes together it also. It's so some people were like wondering like did the cast and crew of the show think that everybody was going to have like all these theories and stuff like that. And there's like one moment in the show i think elizabeth olsen onset. I think shooting the first episode. And she's like think she's excited to see the fan theories so so clearly. They knew that that was coming. Maybe not to the level that it came but Out if you if you have seen the mandalorian the disney gallery mandalorian specials than you like that It's edited in the same way and has kind of the same Excitement to it. Like you feel like you're onset watching some of being made a do you get any like drama is or anything like you know insightful. Not really but I in the one disappointment. I would say about it is. It doesn't really get into the weeds of of Production during coded. I think that would have been interesting. Because that shut down production in an end of restarting in california. And i think they could have gone more into that will but i'm sure they didn't want to have any negativity in this thing because it's disney but Yes that's assembled. The making of one division is on disney plus. Check it out chris. What else watching Got to see the first thirteen ish. Minutes of the new mortal kombat movie because i Was on a A media event of a roundtable interview with the director. Simon mccoy d- and i wrote about all this on slash all dot com. So i encourage you all to read it but the first thirteen minutes pretty good. It's it's it's a very very violent movie which is fitting since. The games are so violent and the original mortal kombat movie which came in the nineties had pg thirteen rating so it it toned down the blood and gore but This one is already so. They're really leaning into that. That are rating to the point. Where it's almost like overdone. Like in the first thirteen minutes is like a big fight sequence in people get stabbed a lot and the blood that flies out of them is like it's more blood than humans having their body. So it's gonna be a little. It's gonna take a little getting used to. I guess when i but you know it's it's hard to talk about the movie as a whole because like i said it's only the first few minutes but i liked what i saw so far I do think the movie has little. It's it's it's taking. It's a little too seriously. I guess is how i think like the the opening scene. It's in the sixteen hundreds and it shows scorpion and sub zero before they become scorpion and sub zero. But there they still have a rivalry and then they're fighting and it's doing some things that like a lot of tentpole franchises do that. I don't think they need to do in that. It's it's giving back stories of things we don't need like you literally learn the backstory of that grope hook thing that flies scorpions hands and and a part. I don't really need to know where that came from. I accepted that. He has a hook rope in his hands. Like i don't need a back story on that. But other than that. I liked what i saw sephora. I'm looking forward to seeing the full movie as a whole and like i said i have a write up of what i saw and i ever write up of my very very brief conversation with a direct. It was a round table interview for people who don't know interviews a lot of times. You only get one question. 'cause you're you're dealing with like fifty other people and that's what happened here so but i i wrote up some other things. He said other people so check it out slash home dot com and will link that in the show notes. Brad been watching not much. But.

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