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It's very anyway. What I also realized because now they've opened midfield concourse in. If you've seen that because I'm OCD look at details. The signs of slightly changed because before the opening of the midfield concourse if you were between gates thirty three to eighty you're basically, we'll tell you go to the people mover instead of walking now for the gates thirty three to forty basically tells you to walk. They've changed a little bit design they have, and I don't know what the status of Hong Kong airport was when you were there vis-a-vis the food court situation, but you almost had to go down to that. And any way to eat the rest of it was just so thrashed was it. Yeah. I'm guessing that you that when you when you come no outbound immigration, it wasn't a construction site. No is okay. Actually. So maybe they've done it. Then I need to go back and look or maybe knowing that his very busy period, they stopped work for a little bit. I don't know. Because again, it was like I was literally their January second item. Yeah. Yeah. It didn't the rest like I think you said that you actually said that when you talked about hunkering, it's true that you were right? The rest of ongoing construction site everywhere. Yeah. It's crazy. It's absolutely absolutely crazy. Yeah. It's actually funny because again, most of the and I love reading stuff on Wiki pedia. So getting into these rabid hall after looking at this scientists, and actually they are gates do not exist, then realized that actually for instance, gate five to eight do not exist. Because now they've been renumbered five hundred five hundred is the day have another congress, you know, the small thing north one where Hong Kong express, and you have to take a bus to. Yes. I think anyway, it's just funny that some gates that are, of course, it's just you. I don't want you to get lost. The better have round numbers between like a forty eight hundred forty one in. And so they are actually do not exist because it was walking. Whereas. Five doesn't exist. Whereas gate nine gate nine nine favorite number doesn't exist. Either. Gate, seventy to eighty nine exist. They did that simply didn't want to say get one to seventy two. They wanted to have a scientist says get one to eighty so they just went for it. But they do not exist. Actually, it's really funny. You can look it up on the maps. There's a lot of kids that don't exist. It's just it's just fun too much time on my hands. And I was looking for them. It was like, oh, wow. So then Manila I landed Manila. So that was with triple seven, but that's the other. That's a city with Kathy dragon. I think yes, which I- raved about actually that was a cafe and Ryan cafe. Either way. I mean, basically back then it was the same thing as short haul business classy, really, really good. That was really good. It's to to. But for like a flight that takes less than two hours. It's amazing and food and was fantastic fee. Was actually it was better probably because his newer than the triple seven hundred seventy is a bit slow to react to feel a few years old. I was pressing the thing and actually react. But it's not fantastic. Again, arrive at the minute, very, we covered minute are very lucky this literally no-one immigration, which never happens. I go out from plane to curb in seven minutes, if you guys I've ever been to many others impossible. That's and then realize that the middle of the holidays Manila was empty. I've never seen city even when I was living there because of course, I would come to Europe to see my parents who had never saw it like that. It was mazing felt like a London over the holidays. No one. I mean, it's amazing really amazing. The one thing though. Arrive in the United States. Just warranted citizens. I'm not one. But I read that because it was there. Anyway, that security at Manila airport does not meet international standards, the urge travelers to exercise increased caution. I loved a little bit because. Yes, they right. I think the when they're need an assessment, but they only realize that now. Means that that it degraded even more. But also, what is what does more than what is that? What are you know, what that?.

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