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Okay i think the bigger story is actually in terms of football dak sean leaseback tie smith love tackle back giant and utter chaos deck has to win this game what happens when it comes to young quarterbacks and dax in year two we know instantly some guys are franchise quarterbacks andrew lock to shawn watson instantly then there's some guys that struggle year one derek car jared golf and you're like wow okay then there are other guys that are pretty good year one go into the take near two and three jamus winston the question for some people now is is dak prescott a franchise quarterback because without some of his players he's been terrible i'm here to tell ya dacas their franchise quarterback and there's a very easy number that tells me this do you think dak has an a head coach now jason garrett btoc do you think his defense is in a defense now may be a minus on the defensive front but it to see in the back in okay do you think he has an a wide receiving corps hell no much closer to see minus so you know he doesn't have a great team around him he has some parts of it offensive line running back that are really real really special here's all you need to know the league average for rushing yards in a game for all the teams the league average is a hundred and ten yards a game rushing that's the league average when dak prescott gets a hundred in ten yards rushing support that's not great it's just the league average he's seventeen in three.

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