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Share of two hundred eighty thousand dollars during lucky star casino news on rich Denison hurricane Dorian's now a category three storm with winds of one hundred fifteen miles an hour as it approaches Florida national hurricane center director can Gramm warns the storm is a slow mover a lot of rain slows not our friends floor the storm six to ten inches of rain in many areas and some places ten to fifteen points expected to hit Florida sometime Monday near Palm Beach county and could be a category four storm with winds in excess of one hundred thirty miles an hour the Pentagon is evacuating aircraft and ships based in northeast Florida ahead of Dorians arrival six squadrons of U. S. navy aircraft departed naval station Jacksonville as hurricane Dorian inch closer to the Florida coast in addition to the dozens of P. eight reconnaissance aircraft leaving the area six warships had been ordered to leave naval station Mayport located twenty miles east of Jacksonville boxes Lucas Tomlinson at the Pentagon America is listening to fox news injures summer by beefing up the blood supply with the Oklahoma blood institute Thursday August twenty ninth in Friday August thirtieth stop by any metro donor center between nine and for the Oklahoma beef council will have an all beef hot dog waiting for you you'll also get a limited edition Steven Adams beef council teacher nothing matters more than saving lives in our community and patients in area hospitals are.

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