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Campsites. Zero Title Changes Zero Knights Or. Dames we have a we actually have a kind of a small earthly lists or Gregory He turns thirty nine tomorrow. Ballantine's babies agree. W I should say. Heather says happy and your husband. Daniel Turns thirty three tomorrow as well and Chris. Drum malls has happy birthday to his wife. Diana she is rating today the day before Valentine's Day. We happy birthday to everybody from all of us here at no agenda and as I said we don't have any other things to take care of except were all right. Some ground rules We love the meet UPS. I love doing meet up reports. You cannot write pages of what happened is just. It's not fun for me to read it. I what we really are looking for is meat up reports audio. You can record it on phone. You can pass it around. There is one other thing I'd like to say I receive. I received meet up report today. Would I probably didn't have time to put it together. Because they literally had eight separate fussell's of people go on with a little message the meet up and like hey curry once you put it together like okay. I didn't have time to do that. So just it's okay just recorded on whatever. Send that one file to me. I'll chop it up if necessary. Been doing it anyway so to make it sound good. There was a a meet up in Israel this was the first meet up of Jesse Koi. Nelson's tune men tour. He's going around the world. He's had unsuccess- well he's had meet. Ups by himself in Palestine in Ramallah in Jordan and finally he was in the does he Jaffa Tel Aviv. This tel-aviv meet up and here is our very own Jesse Cornell so this is Jesse quick with the first successful to mentor in Jaffa and this is Brian of London in Jaffa gone. And we're here at the the no agenda meet up and in the Middle East and this is the man who can say it's like a bad day and we're in Abu Lafia John you're Bagel shop coming up a look. This is bagels and Arab desserts and sweets. Thank you very much in the morning and until the next time come visit us in Israel in the morning I wanna go. You've been Israel you knew about the the Bagel shop of course. Bagel SHOP IS UNBELIEVABLE. The best in the world supposedly. I've never been to Israel. I should go. We certainly have peeps there so I'm looking forward to it. Yeah you got that one m six guy and then you got all those guys spot the spook. What do you mean spot? The non spook. Just kidding just kidding kid. Here is the list of meet ups on the near Horizon for you tomorrow. Valentine's Day We stay with in the Middle East but this will be a most marvelous Middle Eastern meet up in Montana to do. Do Do do do one. Pm Arabian Standard Time. This is the Sherlock Holmes pub in the Gulf hotel and our very own. Sergei Fogo Earl of America's heartland and Saudi Arabia will be hosting it's short to be hoot and he'll take pictures. He's very very very good photographer. Also tomorrow if you're in Stockholm you happen to swing by. There's a meet up six. Pm look for the organizer in the no agenda Space Force t shirt at O'CONNELL's Irish pub and Gamal Stan Michael Hosting. That's his name on Sunday. The Minneapolis warm up. That's the Ven Brewery taproom South Minneapolis. Dr Hammer organizing few then Monday brand new on the list Fort Lauderdale. This is Monday the Seventeenth. Meet UP AT SIX THIRTY. Rocco's tavern look for the guy in the no agenda Space Force t-shirts seems like this. We've got a trend going on here. So far Kitchener Ontario local forty two. Oh thirty-three Thursday a week from now this is the second beat up in kitchener meet at Moose Winooski Fees Christoph hosting for you also next Thursday Magnolia Texas local six six seven. Houston's come for craft brews at the Lone Pine Brewery Downtown Magnolia Magnolia Texas Texas. Joe Organizing for you next Friday. Not Tomorrow from now. The Delray Beach Florida meet up. Six o'clock with hosts Galore Adam. The keeper and Horowitz. I don't know if HORWITZ's coming I hope he is That will be the south Florida. Meet up at salt water. Brewery and there are many organizers but crystal and Dave Kulp I think are the ones it That are taking charge of this. So please come and hang out with us. We look forward to meeting everybody in Florida. And if you have not heard about a meet up near you is very simple. Go to no gym meet. Ups DOT COM. Create your own. That's all you need to do. They're great they're like a.

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