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It's called the hot Deeds. Signature service ensures the same kind of quality for cleaning every type of drug from machine made synthetic stow the finest handmade silk rugs, Hadid signature services faster and more efficient, and it'll definitely save you a lot of money, So it's probably been a while since you've got a quote from Joe Hadid. Give McCall Joe's New Express Service. Save your money. And you still get the same V I P treatment you're used to for a limited time. Also Joe's offering 15% off any implant rug cleaning. No. Check out the details at Joe hadi dot com. W M A L F M WOODBRIDGE, Washington Now more than ever depend on 105.9 FM W. M a cumulus stations. News Now news. It's six time Maria leave the long process of revising Virginia State budget to make up for pandemic revenue losses. Is almost done. Governor Valve. Northam sent the revised two years state budget backto lawmakers with 10 amendments yesterday. Some amendments allow the state to implement the redistricting reform approved by voters at the polls this week and amendment passed to take redistricting out of the hands of lawmakers and put it into the hands of a bipartisan commission. Northam also proposed an additional $1 million For an independent investigation into accusations of widespread racism at Virginia Military Institute. The General Assembly will reconvene Monday to decide whether to accept or reject north of changes. Heather Curtis w W l dot com Sentencing of a former Prince George's County police officer has been postponed. Former Prince George's county police Lieutenant Richard Talent, was found guilty of second degree sexual assault two years after 2017 assault that sentencing was that for today, But following a meeting between the Judge in attorneys in the case that sentencing has now been postponed until December. Prince George's county state's attorney's office. Still no reason was given for the postponement..

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