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Yeah yeah what works of our little different and that they can be just a number of things enough uh in voice of our voices distinct as well as a pariah as it solely visual i rely on why sufferers okay i rely on places in china and clothing so voices yes so if i if i see you liquid said that i knew huge here on and youtube came up to one st and we mentioned really well i will try to get you talking i would say oh my god it's so good to see you it's so good to see your havi ban how's your day and would speak and tell me a little bit and then there would now i just try to get been talking mm so this this brings a whole new meaning to some of the stuff era near book so i mean all of it still applies without you know any of this situational that stuff going on but but this also like brings like another layer to that well i think it's a gift honestly like i am very lucky to have a because it's made me i don't know do you ever think about like the way that you can separate pathology from personality or vice versa lethal eat care i don't know if this is what fed this i don't know flake it is then i just know that they're part of me both and and i can't say one is there's a cousin ali there i'm just happy with that i'm just happy with worked out that way.

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