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In bed joke. It's not. it's not that bad but it is. If we a free if you go to breakfast place. And i by the time. We're ready to go home. It's time you should breakfast breakfast. Straight push out dinner. Get out of here. And i run this stomach. I went to ultimately last we. Should i think i went to Mcdonald's the most when they started that whole breakfast on anytime. -oday it not that it's just because it was you know like it's it's bomber is great but you've noticed that sneaking cheese or whatever on a bagel or or to get you know a a stack of pancakes just at any a calm. I wanted you'll sidebar by that. Mcdonald's joe like locate a steak and cheese bagels bomb. I know it's really healthy. Shame on y'all for taking it all and you can like mcdonald's on more now. They cut bagels out since the pandemic. It's like muffins and biscuits mike. You take the bagel outputs. Keep them off shit. Chicken expensive ticket is expensive man. I went for lunch today and almost drove out the drive through. I was so mad. You spend mid-march. Oh my goodness. I got a to a two piece one side of this house. It was over ten. Yeah i forget where. I was which fasten place. It was went up every order. I spent one. I forget i think of it probably before the show is over but i went and got an extra value meal wherever one of the fast foods and a joint was like it was like eleven dollars value. Wasn't you got sweetie sweetie mill. I'm like no eleven dollars for just me a yo. What's he sweetie meal at mcdonald. Definitely i'm trying to remember what it was died a bit. It might have been that I think it might have been the double quarter pounder. Meal might have been ago definitely has something to do with shortage with the chicken. They can't put wings on the chicken anymore. Fucking chickens up because the pipeline is all screwed up still. It's still. I mean people just don't want yeah because i mean we have a pipeline here. We have people had Cove they were cova coleman all all all year down here and lower delaware so that through and then they had the one in Hope cocoa covert make it sound like it's a cool cover code orange code cove it because you way people without mastic and vaccination would disagree with you. They think it's cool shit right. We know gicquel they wanna take ya clipping. Kobe code is on somebody..

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