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Helped your Dan he's? Been whining about this all afternoon with bringing, through it home from the store and what you do is you, take a bowl and fill it with apple cider vinegar okay you'll. Put Saran wrap on top of it then you poke holes in it with the toothpicks so they get the. Fruit flies getting but they can't get out oh as a toothpick enough are. They smart enough to go in that oh yeah he probably one I'd probably would poke about twelve holes okay pick in. A work every time really Yvonne Yvonne what are they, attracted to I don't know I don't know but it. Works probably apple cider vinegar wine must be that kind of connection I'm writing it down, because I did the wind. But, it didn't do the. Job did you did you put Saran wrap? Over the. Glass I didn't, did and no I did not all. That's. Why try that Saran wrap poke, holes they, get. In they can't get out? Yvonne your health Thank you I have. An idea you're. Just blast Justin Bieber just as loud as. It goes that'll kill them. On plea I'm texting. Handsome husband now, apple cider vinegar run to the store. Right now. Let's see Louisiana's is in now then Holloway on Hilo on I was calling with the exact. Same remedy Work does work you need the whole and, the wind might work if you have the Ceram you, could try go maybe a glass. Of each you. Know what I did then I the wind. Didn't wasn't as effective I. Mean it drowned a. Bunch of them, but then I just took like the. Empty bottle. Of wine by the way there's lots of empty bottles of wine in my home and then Hi I know if they get in they may be they wouldn't be too, dumb to fly out the skinny neck but I don't, know do Do what you would you. Say that Saran wrap and Ryan, but. Regular, vinegar. Not red. White. Vinegar much thinking maybe, the red wine vinegar work I'm going to. Try it we'll I'll try, the, apple cider? Vinegar, thanks thanks. All right thanks coming to your? Rescue what this. Minnesotans. Are fabulous about this stuff Joe, is in Coon. Rapids Joe what Joe yes I do you keeping Jerry than, the house I do. Not All right. Because possibly your cherries right that's? Good to know To know, keep an eye on, my. Jerry's thank you Joe Mary Lou apple valley I'm Mary Lou scamming? You don't, know how how about your kids eat sunflower seeds you. Know the kids haven't been home. There. With, sleep away camp they've been gone for two weeks okay well I had a friend whose, kids spits the sunflower seeds into the garbage in. Their bedrooms and the fruit flies went nuts. In her house but my guy does eat some flower seeds I'm gonna go. Snoop around and and. Get rid of check. In, his garbage that's. A good one Mary Lou good. Tip thanks. Love Uh-huh reshi eight it that's a. Good one Cairns and. Robin Zale what's going. On. Karen Well I have. Pretty much the same. Remedy but I take a very small container And put about half water and half Apple cider vinegar and. A, couple. Of drops of dish? Soap, oh dish why the dish soap well. I guess that's, actually the apple cider vinegar attracts them and the soap. Kills them, is what I, was told trust issue do an experiment try a couple of different containers Not so. With dish though that that's on that what I'm going to take a video and I'm. Gonna post. There, before and then after when we wake up tomorrow winning viral that's a good one. I appreciate it all right let's try to sneak in a, couple more of these let's. Let's see if we can take one more Marianne has been waiting on, the. Line.

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