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Technology advisor today six rolex watches and money as a result of this but i think he'll look at that as a parting gift and not try to pursue any legal remedy against miss anna's for that the judge also reduced or weapons charge to a misdemeanor the da's office released a statement saying they're disappointed in the judge's decision because the evidence they say clearly demonstrates that foster seriously hurt his girlfriend the silicon valley bureau by colgan kcbs forty niners refused to vote for the new policy that the nfl approved today regarding the national anthem kcbs as doug sovereign says the compromise will force players to stand for the bar of the star spangled banner or stay in the locker room there was a time when this version of the star spangled banner was considered subversive now guitarist routinely emulate jimi hendrix before ball games but the nfl says kneeling during the national anthem remains disrespectful and players who are on the field must stand or their team will be fine this all began of course when forty niners quarterback colin kaepernick neil not to protest the military or veterans but racial inequality and police brutality in america there are a lot of things that are going on their unjust people aren't being held accountable for and that's something that needs to change now cabinet is unemployed richard lap chick head of the institute for diversity and ethics in sport at the university of central florida tells kcbs the nfl won't make things better with this new approach i don't see it as much of a compromise them more than disappointed with the decision it certainly gives me peer instead of trying to silence the players after time when it seemed like the relationship of players had improved lap chick says players are likely to find some other way to protest in the locker room or in the.

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