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From a dealership in Wayland are found after crashing in mold and hours later the thieves smashed the window with the herb chambers on route twenty grab the keys took off with the S. U. V. A.'s three suspects are now in custody of fourth is on the run another woman involved in the crash suffered non life threatening injuries pet owners be where we have a story a cautionary tale that involves coyotes on of Mendon coming up next nine thirty three traffic and weather together Laurie grandes got it the super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three is with the latest now well Laurie we picked up some problems ninety five north bound multiple multiple vehicle crash this is at four ninety five in Mansfield again this ninety five north bound at four ninety five in Mansfield traffic is quickly backing up behind that further north you're still jam for about a mile getting on to one twenty eight just about a twenty minute ride now northbound expressway Braintree on in twenty four looks great for ninety five to Randolph one twenty eight north and easy right now can't into the pike north of the city no complaints along routes three ninety three or ninety five to and from New Hampshire route one wide open through sagas airport tunnels that Ted this is the Ted Williams tunnel westbound there's a Leslie break down halfway through the tube there so traffic is inching along from the airport runway to that point is Sumner and Callahan look good eastbound soldiers field road we get the right lane work crews set up just before the be you bridge and traffic is stopping go from Western Avenue to that point the tell but now just slow inside the cities where tunnel continues to be tough though on the lower deck and the liver connector down wrap Lori grantee WBZ's traffic on the three Laurie is going to be chilly today flurries and sprinkles this morning followed by periods of rain and drizzle this afternoon rain mixed with snow and sleet north and west of the city tonight the rain should and early on then clouding up mostly cloudy low thirty nine.

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