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I've written mayans on my own. No no no not there anymore. You're just sitting there. You know so much sunscreen. You need like and it's not like i'm a big bigger human where it's like. I've got a lot of ground to cover. Joe is just. It's every day you have to put the bug. Spray to bug certainly wants are attached bus. Get the bug spray doesn't work. There's there's there's been some interesting moments at practice. Because i will spray bug spray and i guess i'm the only one that does because maybe everyone else have been here for a long time. I don't know put like the smell of it will like wash down to the media tent and then people get mad at me and i sprayed sixty feet away But you know there is off just wafting its way down so those are been the transitions but as far as football goes you know football football. And i'm still trying to find the stories that i would be telling in detroit in and try to tell them in atlanta the types of stories at least keep smith the story about smith's aunt oncle road on on sunday the story about jolson that i wrote a couple of weeks ago. Like that's the status of that. I didn't detroit and done before and south bend and an aunt in in virginia. And all the places. I've been it's just trying to find those stories here and You know doing that as best as best as i can. I've got about three or four five or six. That are not going to talk about on here. That i'm working on right now and you know. Keep rolling from there. So that's a long as they're probably where we're looking for but it's going okay. Other than the the bugs in the sunscreen. What the bugs have really been coming after me too. So i am very sympathetic So i was up at flowery branch every day when quinn took over for mike smith and so i was. You know there on the ground for the start of that regime and it's really weird for me. It's who not have been able to be up and flowery branch. I haven't seen arthur smith interacting with players and i'm really curious about your overall impression of arthur smith so far in how he runs things frizz he's very down to earth is very serious but he's late. He's incredibly late. As far as i haven't seen him like completely like where it was like one of those head turns like whoa. I can't believe he just like went up in. Oh and maybe that's a little bit of the prior regime that covered the my last stop by that chain. My mentality a little bit on that. But he's treats these guys professionally jokes around with them but also he's incredibly serious. They get their work done. There's not a lot of like messing around It's a very crisp clean practice. But i mean he said it yesterday. Because i asked them so. There was a collision between two degreen. Darren hall now look really bad. I mean it was one of those like you earned. It started like car-crash koizumi then again. They're not they're not in pad and they're just comets shows and tj green was holding his head down. And you know usually coaches let that go like get the guy off the sahni. It keeps going in. Practice literally stopped practice until Endless because maybe there was some concern by next stuff but like just did a movement and he's he was there like arthur smith said after bryce i listen i'm not gonna just reverse field and keep going like you make these okay. Make sure it's also big serious. I it wasn't tj green. Darren hall returned to practice so know crisis in a potentially very bad situation averted there that to me stuck out because it's like no he's you know he's paying attention in these being sort within. I think how he's handled players in training. Camp has been very smart if they show the slightest bit of injury or slightest bit of anything. They're held out now. I know that that's sometimes confused fans but you know i mean by cow i remember rubio's was fourth day daycare or whatever and really at what was deemed a veteran rest day. And it was you know there are people on twitter. How veteran no. He's he has a plan to make sure that really understands. It's all about getting to september twelfth healthy and if feel encounter really feels like he needs a recipe or ucla cowper and they give it to. He's been really smart about that. And i think that he's left based off to a pretty good impression anniversary. Any of how. He handles players how he treats them. And it's just a very businesslike atmosphere. Like you can tell you go and you get your work and get your job done and you move on. And that's being. I think what you've also seen with the media and how he handled i. He's what's his personality. Come through every now and then like the back and forth anyhow embattled floor for a couple days fantastic was started because of a question. I asked about it because i just noticed. He was wearing like different great hats every day. So i just ask about choice because coaches are weird about different things like eight you know jim kaba always board. She watches and really he will weeding know for years. Why he did. It turned out. He wore a second watch because he said this on a podcast clover quinn years after gone from that he wore at because martha ford gave him that watch and he wore on her in every game but he never tell us that another thing outside aside manage had with hats he had like we traveled like eleven of twelve like every coach has their different things. Right i thought maybe that was a thing for christmas. So i asked him at You know and pam going after able or jokingly because those are his guys than before i was hoping it would go on all year long but it still might say it stopped because there was a preseason game so yeah what would you cross your general impression of how arthur smith runs thing. So i mean. I think you really covered it there..

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