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In the world fireworks in there but you know it is yeah it's always want to give these guys in the case that they're so damn good at what they do is you just listen to the learning curve this one for me you threw out a couple the biggest names Amaran MMA there who is the one guy who you you've got out of the I've got you got back to locker room and you just had to get to the corner by yourself because you were in pain and you did want to let him now I know you know I was actually three with what they're not will find about six months ago a month ago when I was training with some big heavy weight and the first three or four so far says he didn't go my way there's the that all but you know being an athlete and and being around work for fourteen years use your data very quickly are you know I'm not walked in the in the case with two left feet and and and I like to get out there but it's more because the other thing is shape physically also of Missouri and I still could not compete and now it allows me to do everything I also wanted to my life LX two is Saturday night this Saturday at ten o'clock AM to Burbank Marriott center like that extreme fighting John member you have great Kerr have a great night on Saturday night thank Papadopoulos you got it man thank you our pleasure judge Mack could fatiguing guarantee on this July fort addition on CBS sports radio get the laundry opened may Tong I'll punch him up when he gets back anybody else want to join NBA we've done some baseball if you so desire we getting close to all star weekend the each game is Sunday night into the home run derby on Monday if you haven't seen the bracket cannot break those down for you all star game on Tuesday we don't couple different directions on the phones coming back here eight five five two one two four.

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