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I think. Well, might might very well of hit on it. And I think there's a couple of reasons that you know, he deserves every every follow up chance. But you know, but she read I think was a little shaken, by the way this unfolded. He didn't like the way he looked going to the going out on the tracks that he had gotten washy and and that had not been him previously. So, you know. You can give him a mulligan. But at certainly if we think back to horse, like Irish war cry in fact, in recent years, Irish war cry, you know, had a miscue in Florida and and then snap back. So he was actually. I can't go on and become a really good steak source at amount of fifteen per mile and eight, but if you're looking for Kentucky Derby, you know, a mile and a quarter and the trip you need to do and if nerve being unraveled at Gulfstream Park on holy day was an issue. That's another thing. You don't wanna see in your Cam heading towards the Kentucky Derby. So if the reason he ran poorly was one he rejected the trip to it was an emotional issue. Well, any going to get any easier? The first in a mile quarter with twenty horses with that crowd with the long pre rates, the pomp and circumstance that goes with it. I like him a lot he can come back and win the fountain of youth. He could come back and win would Morial. I would not be shocked by that. I just think for a Kentucky Derby prospect, those were to really tough things swallow, and I love the horse. I hadn't ranked number two coming in. I was all into him to the point that I thought this race setup for closer. I wrote in countdown to the crown. The closer to watching the race was Harvey ball Bangor. I picked him second in the race. I played exact as Maximus chip with Harvey wall banger. I didn't play Harvey wall been I thought Maximus chip was that much better than them. And I thought the heavy jockey, you know, with those two what was the way to attack the race? Turns out it did meltdown pace does make the reysen in almost all accounts. Harvey wall took excellent advantage of being the only closer race that looked like it could fall apart a little bit. I didn't expect Maximus Maximus mischief to give it back. Some thoughts east coast, west coast, New York, California. Tactile horse. I don't think he's a world beater, but I think he's a pretty decent horse to come home the final three furlongs in the weather's thirty eight and free. That's not that bad because they weren't the first six one eleven to. So it's not like they went one thirteen one fourteen and walked home. I mean, they would faster the last three of the withers than they did the Swail at seven furlongs. Now that tells you the Swail was really slow late with the winter too bad late. So a good effort from tax and they're getting beat anything. It's gonna get way offer we know when the Gotham in the Wood Memorial roll around, but he's a nice horse for Danny Goggin outlet mutual Gustavo. I mean, hey qui-. It looked like he probably be loan speeding there. But magnificent McCall really wanted under Flavian Pratt. They went gunning out there. It was nice to see him just off pounce and go on. But as John White just mentioned improbable really handled Muccio Guzzo kinda held him at bay, you know, an arm's length in.

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