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On 1045 FM and 6 80 lease is KNBR sports leader. Magilton Auto body Traffic desk is we unwind from what has been a very busy Wednesday drive tow work. We just got word that the westbound 80 crash in the Fairfield before 6 80 is pretty much cleared from the roadway. There's still activity there, but traffic has improved quite a bit. As you head into the Cordelia area, South bound 80. You're still looking at slow going off and on from Hayward down into Fremont, and there's a crash nearly dwelling on the shoulder, not helping westbound for from Bailey to Willow Pass Road, a slow ride East bound for East of 6 80 of the right. Lane still blocked that ongoing incident and it is backed up beyond Pacheco Boulevard. Highway One has shut down on the coast Pescadero down into Santa Cruz because of the fires and is just a minor back of it. The Bay Bridge. Big banks not returning your refinance. Call the mortgage outlet answers on the first ring. Call now. 1 809 178 78 Award winning service Funding loans in under 20 days Call 1 809 178 78 MLS number 1609505 You were listeningto Murph in Max Power Hour. Be a lot cooler. If you did everybody, these here's Murph in Max cooled off. Hi, Polly. There's things we gotta do here, Right. Talk to me, kid. You you talk to me. Ofcourse. You want me to talk to you.

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