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Thanks for having me our grit and either connell found guy so he sits down and watches the film all the time and key even after the show couldn't key camp but hardly call a job prospects in the coming out of college week so and he was all seen has gone down the plays you know he has you down the place for that you know and all the signals for everything you make the point three she's the call me he's he certainly on modern offenses and i don't believe in god and the way most if you do i don't believe in it hold on wrong and one of the one of the reasons are few the reasons i could be wrong is he is inheriting a football team that won twelve games last year and that a as a head coach who has kind of a reputation for his stick where an off pretty quickly del rio and that's true that's what happened in part in oakland if he lost the locker room but if his impact has the most forced the first couple years than this might be a team that's ready for a reset pretty quickly he has a great quarterback bruton and dare car he had a a lot of pieces on defense i think he has weapons offense only the american vanishing act thing was bizarre i can't explain it to you can't give you a good answer a good reason and this is purely speculative and it's not an excuse but in real life sometimes in on football players livery alive people have personal danger things in their lives and you don't really know go on people's lives and people have down years maybe cooper of cooper rebounds and can be a top target again yeah grooms in really good shape but again that would be true of any all those things that just allender any football any football coach drew over that team seemed like a team well poised to get back to where they were just twelve games is a lot of football games one in the season that was just last year maybe goons the guy i just remember i'm i'm i'm young but i'm not so young that i don't remember grooms excellence being long removed when he left the league the head coach and.

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