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Case I guess she is second to fall pretty much living with her parents. Six seven months seven months. That's not a home in a while. She's GonNa come out of here being such a a neat Prim and proper youngster disciplined and ready to go numb more wild parties for her. No but Yes we recorded in person now for the first time in a while I still can't believe I'm here. Still feels like a dream. Your dream in Corona virus is just a figment of your imagination. Wake up and be safe and snug in your dorm. I miss my friend guys while I'm I just showed up today. And she misses her friends. Know nothing about. Oh so happy to see you. Caleb Oh my goodness. I'm so glad you're here anyway. Today is not about our relationship. Dynamic today is about season three vote we are going to be kind of going through each episode of the season Just hitting the highs and lows And then at the end kind of a little I guess ranking of kind of how we feel about the season as a whole so without further ado let get Gygi with.

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