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The press. I mean that's like a conservative Christmas. I would say beyond believable. All right. I don't really want to do anymore, the so called news. So let me keep checking you folks out for a little bit here. Bruce Cleveland Ohio Sirius satellite, go. Taking my call. I'm sick and tired of the newscasters even the ones who I tend to agree with saying that the mass media Lou. Is this to your investigation? I don't think they blew it. And I don't think you do either. I think they purposely why to us purposely line, the one who's been saying this. Right. Bruce, of course, and I read your book and I love your book, and I was shocked at all the things I had forgotten about over two years. Yeah, I mean, I mean, I pointed out, of course, not gonna polish is 'cause I mean they're participating in it. The, the senior level of the guy needed the media in order to try and undermine candidate Trump and President Trump. Okay. And I agree with you. So by question is why do the members of the media on FOX who I agree with ninety percent of the time. Why do they say the media blew it instead of saying the media lied to us because there's a difference? It wasn't that they were negligent. It wasn't that they were now listen, I can't be specific because I don't know. But you're exactly right. I agree with you. I mean that's been my position that, that, that they were active participants in this. And when you read on freedom of the press, you'll understand they are active participants in these things they are progressives. They are social activists. They are Democrats. That's who they are. That's what they do. That's also why they've been ignoring the other half of it with Hillary Clinton and the DNC and all the rest. It's intentional. All right. My brother good call. I'm with you. Johny New York, New York, the great WABC. How are you? Mark your jewel. Thanks for having me on. Thank you. I'm a CPA working in the real estate industry in Manhattan for the past fifteen years. My concern with the release of the Trump tax returns is that you're gonna have a layman and people who are not a quip to properly, analyze these items making snap judgments who don't understand the tax code. I mean, there are so many intricacies as far as real estate goes, let's talk about depreciation amortization, you know, all the different things that are going to show gains and losses carry-forwards things like that, you know, and they're just gonna look at the face of the tax return in ignore the fact that it's a thousand pages long and say, Trump, lost two billion dollars when they just don't have the education background to properly assess what they're looking at an aren't you gonna have you gonna have that. But aren't you gonna have politicians and media types who are going to spin what's in there that is they may actually know what they're looking at? But then us. It as a cultural against the president United States. And there we are off on more, pseudo events that have as their purpose to defeat his reelection. Well, and I didn't mean to cut you off. That was my next point is that the media is gonna take it and run with these little sort of soundbites, and tidbits that they think are going to make a splash and it plays right into into your book, which I'm about halfway through their suitable events, and it's going to be a media circus that actually has no basis in reality. And don't we get a lot of that? Oh all the time. I feel like it's most of what we see, isn't it? Yeah. And look they just came out with the sweeping pats reform last year. Right. And then claim to simplify everything well, in real estate, nothing got simplified, and let's face it, the new code is still eleven hundred pages long. Have they read it? I guarantee they have not. You mean the members of congress? Yeah. They don't read anything they voted on ObamaCare. They never read it. Remember? One hundred percent. I'm just saying that they're going to come out and try to upon on agree. I agree. It's all it's poison. It's all fake. It's all poison and we don't wanna participate in that. Johny Becher, great CPA, my friend. I am. I don't know. I don't know how the hell you guys do it sit there day in and day out. I mean, even as when I was much more into practicing law. I resented, some of the laws, I had to deal with resented the regular and I can't even imagine I resent the income tax. Can you imagine me as a CPA IBM, the whole time I wouldn't get anything done? Well, I'd hire you every single day of the week and twice on Sunday Mark, when we both go to prison. Johnny, thank you, my friend. I mean I mean if you leave your taxes to me you're making a big mistake. All right, Arthur, great WABC, New York, New York. Go right ahead. I I I have three points. I wanna make an wanna make them very briefly, so that I can hear you speak. First point is I want to express my profound. Thanks to you for the patriotic of work that you do in educating the public, I've been to law school. I've been to college. I've learned more from your several books than ever learned. Anything else? Man. I appreciate that. No. It's true. And Secondly, I'm a father who lost twenty four and a half year old son defend high functioning autistic kid, and they tell me and was endless. Well, we would consider it an accident because it spends. No, it's a drug overdose. And I it's all what you're talking about. And I just want an and I'm very sorry, I thank you, Mark. I'm calling you market is if I know you, yes, they Mark is fine been. I've been on blaze TV for two and a half years. And I sent out a subscription to a friend of mine because I think what you're doing is important. Tennis time goes by. I think you would be -membered as a true patriot have the moment that I wanna make the point dental hang up really wanna hear you talk is that I've read Peter Schweitzer's book and I am appalled at what Biden did in. I think it's two thousand thirteen forgive me if I got the chronology wrong when he flew over an air force to with his son and got a billion in a half dollar deal for Rosemont Seneca, and for his son hunts by in and Chris Heinz. And I just want knowing ever talked about it. They talk about the buffoon. Arthur, let me tell you something. Stay tuned. Stay tuned on that. Stay tuned. I gotta tell you. I love you gotta hang up so that you can take the close. But you are the greatest as far as I'm concerned. And when I think about the work you're doing I think it's guys like you, especially you that will perhaps turn this country around. So they could see that are used as being smarted part of the process is that China is so deeply ingrained, and we got this guy Biden, who's in bed with, when he says, dad didn't know competent that amazing isn't that amazing. And his kid gets this, this huge come on. They're not. And then they reverse course because somebody woke them up. I wish that you're out of little brain, and your sense of humor to I got to say, we'll deal with this topic. I know I'm just covering peripherally now. Trust me on this. I'm I'm, I'm working on it. That is wonderful. I'm gonna hang up. And I thank you very much. Listen. I'm very, very sorry. I cannot imagine losing a child. I can't imagine it. I know you did. I've no other people out there have I just can't imagine it. So my heart goes out to you, Arthur, I want to tell you something. And then I'm hanging up yet. I read your book. I saw the dedication, you make your parents, my wife and I are putting up the tombstone the unveiling will be in August at I'm putting what you said, you know together forever in perpetual love. And it comes directly from your book. I love you more before you hang up. All right. Arthur, my best to you and your wife. You never know what people are facing. You just don't know. That's why people will tell you this. When I go into restaurant, I treat waiters and waitresses. I don't care what people that's what I go with absolute respect. When there's a taxi driver, Uber driver training with absolute respect. People I come across I try to try to do that. When thousands of people come to book signing. I try to treat everybody with respect. You don't know what people are going through. And you don't know what they have gone through. And I've taught my kids, exactly the same thing. Be nice to people. There's no reason you shouldn't be less. Of course, they're left trying to destroy your country. I'll be right back. You can only get this greatness on KFI AM, seven ninety. Let's get something cleared..

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