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I was just wanted to let go around and do some recommendations just like stuff. We've been consuming I wanted to point everybody real quick to criteria criterion channel. which if you're not subscriber I would highly recommend it and I am not being paid to say this They are doing a little spotlight on season Pitt. Who I feel like is a very nice call? Paul approved animator She did a film. An animated film called ASPARAGUS. That used to screen in front of eraserhead when it was. It's like midnight movie run. She's just a very cool kind of psychedelic Illustrator and animator like doing stuff. That's very kind of leftist center when you think of. You've the history of American animation especially in the time she was working which was like the seventies eighties And Yeah they have a bunch of short films on criterion right now also check it out. I saw her stuff for the first time at a weird bar in Tokyo so it was like very turned on. What are they? I you've convinced me to subscribe to the the criterion channel. But good yet. So what's like what. What is asparagus like? it's very hard to describe it sort of. There's a lot of asparagus. Disparage Phallic asparagus. There's a whole sequence where like a woman basically like relates an asparagus Nice. It's just sort of kind of dreamy and and sort of like free association knee like all these sort of shape sort of melting intrigued other. It's just like you kind of have to watch it understand it but it does have that very kind of groovy seventies kind of ZAP COMEX ask aesthetic and like texture and stuff to it so. I can't give a better the explanation of it than that. Emily what do you think of the Irishman. I'd definitely recommend watching the films of Susan pit because they are short Shorter than the Irishman. I saw the Irishman you are totally immune to the charms of the Irishman would charm. You were confused. I I wasn't confused. You're like what everybody else. I am confused by the general reception to it though. I do feel like the more people that see not to Besmirch my two former fellow critics but I do feel like the more I talk to people who are not critics who've seen it the more I feel a little more You know backed up in my Kinda antipathy towards this movie. It's just so long and it's funny because now it's become such a binary thing of either. You're like Pro Scorsese or you're like pro comic book movies. There's no in between. It's like the in between us. Verner hurts bridge the gap. Well he's now you you know. Part of the Star Wars Universe in the Star Wars Universe never seen any of the star wars movies nor any of John Five rows movies intends to quote. I don't believe him because he always has the same quote anytime people ask them about like pop cultural things that are older. He's like I grew up in a tiny village in Bavaria. And I never saw Nicole true. That's so funny. Like what a good troll say. He's never just doing. I don't know her claims never heard music until he was eighteen. It's like I'm pretty sure. He gave me that exact same story when I interviewed like it's just one of his like in his file things that he says but Anyway he's I believe him that he's never seen star stories. Sure yeah but he also need some quote recently where he was like. We have to pay attention to the Kardashians like we must keep our eyes open to like all the horrors of really Liya. He's not wrong though totally. I mean that's I feel like that's our philosophy in general Yeah No I. It's like I even liked like it's not. That's not even a fan of of late period. Scorsese although I wasn't a fan of Wolf of Wall Street actually saw silence somewhat recently. 'CAUSE I didn't think I was going to like it and I watched it and I was like it's it's great. He's a great filmmaker like and he's not my favorite by any stretch of the imagination. But this just feels like Netflix. Paid him a bunch of money to like. Play all the hits right Well Silent Stan. Emily do not put that on my gravestone plan that is not a defining personality. Betrayed mind but it was disappointing. Because it's not like I'm I don't know I was. I wanted to be good. I WanNa test now about a movie that she hasn't actually seen yet been closely monitoring her opinions on already Noah Baumbach marriage store may guys. How did you know I'd have opinions on this? Did you know of course I. I haven't seen it. I put into the universe that it might be a Blue Valentine. I'm really upset because I issued my very important twitter poll asking if people's Relationships were had been destroyed by blue. Valentine they always lie. I mean it's like I know the truth and I people will email me using anonymous Z.. Mail addresses on. Tell me lay my wife and I went on our first date about a relationship breaking up. I guess what happened next but marriage story. I am concerned. It's going to have the same effect. I'm very concerned that anyone who sees a marriage story with their partner will immediately break up. Obviously don't I don't see marriage story with your but isn't it worse to see it without an away. Also Lucy's movies like that except married couples on dates. Well soon. It's going GonNa be available on Netflix. So you'll just be beaming into your home and ruin your marriage from the inside. Well I think the movie that we all actually want marriage story to be is Greenberg which is ever gotten into Greenberg. Though maybe I was I was coming at it from a place in my life inaccessible Ben. Stiller's away better standing. In and for Noah Baumbach Ben Adam. Driver sure yeah. Well now they both seem too young to be standing for Noah Baumbach right like like Ben Stiller's legitimately has contemporary so makes a little more sense. I love Greenberg so much. WORL- I've I wrote about Greenberg on Tumbler. Back in the the day I was like I am both characters so everybody who loves it. YOU VERBAL LA starting Greenberg. I would say like oh they got Greenberg. D- what does that mean. You'll figure it out when I watched the movie. What is it like an like an older man was annoying? D- oh well talk down to you. That convinced that that's what I say to. Everything always works. Yeah I saw the squid and the whale when I was on a road trip and we were up one for me see. I loved the squid and the whale. I loved it but I saw it. I'm on someone's ancient television in like I don't even remember where we were might have even been in like a motel or something and it was in black and white because the TV was was a black and white TV. And I was like what a fine film beautifully shot in black and white and I realized it was not shot in black talking white literally last week. Wow really. It's so weird when things like that happen. There's information that's so obvious and you've seen this blake. How did I miss it? How did I miss the? Let's incredible I've I've been living in a bubble like mishearing Song Lyric Times. One hundred of all the movies like Human Francis Han Black and white raided Francis PA by the way that's wild y-8. Oh my God I also think I may not really take to Greta. GERWIG apologies apologies. I try I don't know what it is. The cinema of New York intellectuals is over represented that could be anymore woody allen movies. We also don't even. We need the ones we have. Well I I was never into Woody Allen to begin with a pass. I guess it's just like if we understand we're Scorsese's coming from if we stopped paying tribute to these things they will feed out of the cultural memory. Address should probably happen with a lot of them. But it won't if people keep going like We have to make more scorsese movies and fake woody Allen Movies because that is what we think is attorneys early. I have a question. That's not related it to these things but molly had looked at live science our favorite website and found an article asking should we splice human waterbird. DNA for marsh and travel And what would a human water bear hybrid look like water bears look like faceless bears kind of if you really look for Ya Wolfe's sure looked like a slick of flesh colored centipede kid sure we would winning through the star a human and a water bearcroft look Kinda like squidward wait so so life sciences just like posing this question take hey I think what we do what is normally done in science. We you see something interesting. Let's try and mice. I don't know that splicing mice with water. Bears is a good idea either mice because I knew have mice but live forever. I mean it's good for mice. Mice have had it so rough for so long. I think we owe it to my S- I agree to give them immortality not their fault. The spread the plague. Like No. They didn't make the plague side are really. I had a naked and I had to feed it the baby mice and I still feel so bad about that like I know that the snake would've eaten the mice in the wild. But when you have to face it yourself. It's a whole site conundrum and I have. What are we talking about plaything? You think water bears in my family. Let's take a night call about critter of the week and it's technically an email but but there has a new critter that is very cute. Unlike some of the critters that we've covered on this podcast this one is a winner. I actually really like this critter. There have been song. Everyone's like did you see that I'm like I don't you know it's it's not it's my Adam driver like. I don't care but this one I do care about so we have a night. Email from colleen colleen writing this from under the covers as I try to fall back asleep after being jarred awake from a faulty fire alarms scare to fifty five. Am That's another night. Call to be. Had I came across this very exciting scintillating discovery of the Silverback chevro- Taint on camera in Vietnam Aka a mouse deer. They are rabbit sized most animals that despite having mouse lake features are not rodents. They're hooved and most importantly they have fangs and then she includes some links. Thanks last seen alive in nineteen ten. I think this is so cool and I will now be kept awake looking at picks of extinct chevrotain Chevron Chevrotain just wrist tricky his show has there been any discussion on extinct animals and species. You'd wish to encounter colleen. Thank you calling this Chevro- Tan it's Q- It's really cute. It's like a like a more coli version of a deer. It's just so little and but fangs the year with fangs. But where the. I can't see the things in the photos which we willing. So it's very it's very fetching. I like its coloration it but I don't like how it looks like I. I'm not a fan of its stance and I'll I'll let it fly because I like it's ears it kind of is Jack. ELOPE official is host. Jack Elope Yeah cuter. Do you guys have extinct animals that you wish were not extinct anymore. Woolly mammoth that was what I I was GONNA say. Well Fun so fun. Imagine if you're on a road trip you know in in I don't know the Great Plains and you saw willy. Mammoth just like a wild wild willy. Mammoth hanging like that'd be very exciting. I'll tell you what I would like those like really giant versions of things that are now small there. It was like a beaver that was as big as right right giant sloth. It'd be beavers are not very friendly. I would be scared to see a giant beaver where you scared during the full beaver moon. No Oh I charged. I was made fun of actually recently dinner for charging Mike Crystals and my Tarot Card deck under the beaver Moon to get more powers. Rain Rain kept saying beaver Moon. I love that Cardi B. uh-huh yeah at my husband brought it up in front of my parents and I was like God stopped so crazy but I totally I did it and I guess I deserve to be called out my powers are increasing however. And there's a slight chance of rain. We're recording this and there may be rain next week. So thank God for the Beaver Moon. Thank God take bigalow at break when it comes to meet quality makes a huge difference in texture and taste and even though it might be better for you and the environment a.

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