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Tony Stewart getting eight percent of the vote Joe gives and one l Wilson tying with seventy two percent buddy. Baker seventy percent of the room going in his favor and Bobby Labonte in with sixty seven percent of the vote in this year's boating for the twenty twenty class. Let me say this. I'm gonna say this, but I'm gonna say this. Let me say that I'm gonna take but I'm gonna take telling you. But I'm telling you that I'm telling you something. First question comes from Paul now that Tony is in the hall of famous driver. Is he able to voted in again as an owner like how Joe Gibbs was sorry at that's a stupid question? Let him say he said. What's your area as far as what you Glenn would win? In his owner is a driver as a mechanic is every person. Yes. Stacey asks Jeff Gordon. Got in on the first ballot for the class of two thousand nineteen and Tony Stewart. Got it on the first ballot for the class of twenty twenty should del- ginger get in on the first ballot for the class of twenty twenty one next year or the class of the twenty. Do you even have to ask that question? Yes. Okay. No. I don't even think time sat out the you guys in and Sirius XM radio channel ninety for letting you guys coming and hang out with us. So thank you very much. Appreciate y'all. Thank you know, thank you lose the let me, let me. All right. By the white one quick question, Dakota tweeted, I have to disagree with Dale here. The next big name should go in should be in all honesty. Kirk shumur dean that was a big. We didn't even bring that up a big discussion, that was with the on the list dot thought we said something about nomination. Nevermind nevermind rushing collusion. Remember people for those of you still on the phone? Stay on the line. Our YouTube show NASCAR America debrief will start momentarily as we get set to wind down for this motive outs. Thank you so much for joining us. We appreciate y'all for tuning in, for cop petty Dale Jarrett, and peop- Stony, I'm Mike Bagley..

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