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The one thousand block of easy of the street this morning alaska's earthquake was the kind the usually produces less vertical motion and that's why i assume nami warming was called off shortly after it was put down for the pacific coast caltex seismologist tom heaton says that even though the magnitude was seven point nine on that quake it's really no big deal it's certainly interesting this seismologists nine i'm sure we'll see some papers show up at our scientific conferences but in terms of its impact on society it's not bigger deal so maybe a seven point nine quake but really nothing to worry about this time the county attorney says that he will ask for the teens suspected of shooting at his kentucky high school to be tried as an adult the marshall county attorney jeff edwards said on tuesday that the case will begin in juvenile court but he'll ask the judge to move it to adult court the trump administration struggling to define the us mission in syria now that the islamic state extremists have been mostly ousted turkey's new military offensive in syria has laid bare how a dizzying array of alliances in the wartorn nation is growing even more convoluted even americans after you abandon kurdish forces or may have to and they fought right alongside them in syria but they are detested by turkey or else our profound rift in the nato ally could be inevitable president trump believes for switzerland this week in the world economic forum at a briefing today the president's top economic advisor gary cohn said the president will work to make deals that benefit all nations involved present believes we can have truly win win agreements america first is not america alone when we grow the world grows when the world gross we grow were part of it were part of a world economy and the president leaves at a check wls traffic now on the edens lake cook growth of the kennedy junction twenty two minutes in the other way on the.

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