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It used to be that. Obgyn's would tell women that were pregnant. Okay you you should take it easy. Don't overdo it now. You don't don't wanna do much exercise. That's actually the way cardiologists Deal with patients who've had a heart attack is take it easy on your heart but we now know that it's actually good for pregnant women to get some exercise during pregnancy and certainly if they're overweight that's not good Let's something i'm interested in. Published an article on it So women with obesity and type two diabetes. There's increased risk of autism. Having a child who's that third is on the autism spectrum disorder compared to normal weight healthy women. And that's very interesting. I can send. I don't know you can put stuff on your website. Rounder right absolutely so i don't need a website. I just go through you. So i'll send you. I'll send you a few articles that you could post on your website zeneca. Yeah and we also post him. On the video we put the figures and study titled information so whatever anywhere else is lying on autism so one one one looks at so we know that in the nineteen seventies and eighties autism was kind of a lot of people never heard what what's autism. What's autism. I did when i went to high school. I never heard anything at school for my parents about autism and Beginning round a nine late eighties nineties and then more so there's increase incidence of autism. Some that's due do increase recognition that the kids are having trouble concentrating. They're avoiding social interactions. And so on. But that doesn't seem to explain. All of the increase turns out. There's a nice few tra. They increase incidence of autism and the increase in maternal obesity and type two diabetes tracks. Really while you know through that you know from very little maternal obesity in the seventies and eighties and then increase increase autism. Then so the neuroscientist have good evidence that with awe in autism during brain development in the embryo in the uterus. The brain grows more rapidly than normal and probably.

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