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It's 8 a.m. Eastern, September the 3rd, and this is your daily crypto report. Bitcoin is down slightly at $25,927, ETH is down slightly at $1,633, and Binance Coin is down slightly at $214. As a person with a very deep voice, I'm hired all the time for advertising campaigns. But a deep voice doesn't sell B2B. And advertising on the wrong platform doesn't sell B2B either. That's why if you're a B2B marketer, you should use LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn has the targeting capabilities to help you reach the world's largest professional audience. That's right, over 70 million decision makers all in one place. All the big wigs, then medium wigs, also small wigs who are on the path to becoming big wigs. Okay, that's enough about wigs. LinkedIn ads allows you to focus on getting your B2B message to the right people. So, does that mean you should use ads on LinkedIn instead of hiring me, the man with the deepest voice in the world? Yes, yes it does. Get started today and see why LinkedIn is the place to be, to be. We'll even give you a $100 credit on your next campaign. Go to linkedin.com slash results to claim your credit. That's linkedin.com slash results. Terms and conditions apply. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has sold his remaining 500 MakerDAO tokens worth around $580,000. This move followed MakerDAO's CEO Rune Christiansen's announcement of plans to re-implement the project on a new blockchain, potentially based on Solana. Christiansen highlighted the technical quality of Solana's codebase, its resilience following recent events, and successful forks like Pyth Network as reasons to explore Solana. He also proposed MakerDAO's new chain as a bridge between Ethereum and Solana, enhancing the multi-chain economy's network effect. A recent filing from FTX's debtor showed that the company funds were utilized for personal cash transfers to executives and other payments. The list includes over $900 million transferred to former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried as cash payment, $15.5 million in cash transfers, and a $3.5 million transferred to former Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison. Notably, there's a $2.5 million payout to the American yacht group for ex-Alameda co-CEO Sam Trabuco, who purchased a boat before resigning from the company. These revelations are all part of ongoing legal proceedings against SBF with allegations of misappropriation and embezzlement of customer deposits. While prominent crypto venture capital firm Paradigm is parting ways with its CFO Nathan Apsell and their general counsel, this announcement comes from an internal email that was obtained by the publication of the block. COO Alana Palmedo expressed gratitude for their contributions, mentioning the growth and achievements Paradigm has seen during their tenure. Katie Byber, the chief legal officer who joined over a year ago, will continue to lead the legal team. Paradigm intends to announce a new CFO in the coming months with no reduction in overall headcount, considering recent hires in other areas. And finally, in September 3 crypto projects, Apecoin, Aptos, and Optimism are set to unlock a total of over $100 million worth of tokens into the circulating supply. The governance token of Apecoin DAO Ape will release 40 million Ape tokens on September 17, with the majority of these tokens going to launch contributors. Optimism's OP will unlock 24 million OP tokens at the end of September, where 33 million core contributors and investors will receive portions of those tokens. And Aptos's APT will release 4.5 million tokens on September 12, which is 2% of their circulating supply, valued at 25 million. Community members and the Aptos Foundation will receive those tokens. Well, that's all for us today. Visit us at dailycryptoreport.io for sources and links. And listen to us everywhere else you podcast under Daily Crypto Report. Hey, my name is Lovan Rumph, and I've been working my ass off as a celebrity stylist by day. And a podcast host by night. At the Low Life Podcast, it's all about keeping it real. We're talking fashion, beauty to religion, sex, drugs, mental health. I mean, there's no topic off limits here and vulnerability is mandatory. You can find my podcast, The Low Life, that's L-O, no W, everywhere and anywhere you listen to your podcasts. New episodes are out every Thursday. We'll see you then.

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