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45 37 Day Average covert positivity rate is holding steady tonight at 2.2%. The State Department of Public Health has reported 1480 more cases this evening and 32 more deaths. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Congress will form a 9 11 style commission. Look into the deadly insurrection at the U. S. Capitol authorities in New Hampshire hoping for the public to help them find Timothy Johnson, who's wanted in connection with the death of Jean the cell. The cell was found shot to death outside a home on Chestnut Street in Manchester on Saturday. The owner of two Gelato cafes, one in Framingham and one in Ashland is missing. Police and her family are asking for the public's help in finding her a special Obama care and Goldman period opened today. Aimed at helping Americans who may have lost their health insurance during the pandemic. Starting today, uninsured Americans will have three months to buy health insurance under the Affordable Care act as part of an extended enrollment window. President Biden announced the move in an executive order last month. He continued about Colin 19. Even more critical in our present meaningful access to health care. In a statement this morning, Biden encouraged Americans to sign up for coverage at healthcare dot gov. And he made a push for his covert relief package that would increase federal subsidies for health care less officials. The ABC News Washington Cape Cod lawmakers aren't happy with the Baker administration. WBC's robbed. Woodard reports elected officials here on the Cape voicing their displeasure with Governor Charlie Baker and the Department of Public Health. Over the dearth of covert vaccines available on the Cape over 20 state lawmakers signed a letter to the governor last week asking him to reconsider several aspects of the state's vaccine rollout. Cape Cod State Senator Julian's here and state Reps. Dylan Fernandez and Tim Whalen criticized the vaccine rollout on Cape Cod last week and now found the town manager Julian Suso, also speaking out. Calling the 975 doses coming to Barnstable County per week completely unacceptable. That was in a letter to the governor on Friday from the Cape Cod bureau. Rob ordered WBZ Boston's news radio coronavirus cases are down across the country. But there's new worry tonight about at least one of the virus mutations A BCS Aaron Khutor ski has that The very in first discovered in Britain is not only more contagious but also more deadly. Tempting, though it is for cities and states to ease restrictions has the caseload drops. Doctor she's jot, the Brown University School of Public Health, told ABC News. Now is not the time. I totally understand why cases are down. They want to do it. I would say, hold a little longer. Let's get a bunch of the high risk people vaccinated. Then it will be safer to do so. Us is now administering an average of 1.7 million vaccine doses every day. States say they could doom or if they had the supply. Aaron Carter SKI ABC NEWS New York New data looks at your visits as a whole nationwide since the initial lockdown in March of last year, the number of Americans going to the emergency room went way down. But another statistic is grim visits because of drug overdoses decreased on Lee slightly. And shot way up. Researchers.

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