Mr. Muller, Michael Cohen, Mr. Trump discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


No, it's just a maybe a little more clever because a lot of us can't see what's in front of us. It's almost like it's almost like that story of the kingdom, though, close it's happening in front of you. And so you don't see it. But hopefully, Mr. Muller does it. Do the Democrats on the committee want to subpoena him? Now, do they think that it's this is important enough and would set a bad precedent for them as you take over the the congress, and you wanna talk to whistleblowers, etc. Is a subpoena in the offing right now. I think it's highly likely, and I personally do support issuing a subpoena to compel the testimony. We gotta remember Mr. Cohen was a voluntary witness that he chose our committee, and that then you to testify he was not at all compelled and his testimony would be in open and under oath. This new threat has given him second thoughts, and there's lawyers second thoughts. And so I think we need to compel testimony while providing him lots of security, but his story needs to be told the public needs to hear the whole story with some carve outs in terms of what's going on with Mr. Muller. But they haven't heard that. So far. And I think I think you're seeing the're coming out of Mr. Trump and his White House because they know how much Mr. Cohen knows. And they know how important his relationship was with the Trump organization. Congressman what can you do to ease? Michael Cohen's concerns about these threats. I is there something that you can say is there something a letter that you can write to anybody. Is there anything that you can actually do as members of this committee who want to compel him to come and tell his story, then I think it's a very reasonable question. But on the other hand, it doesn't lend itself to an easy answer. I mean, we're not on the security business where members of congress trying to do our job and provide oversight. We have a witness who says, I have reason a fear. We witnessed the same thing. You just showed in terms of Mr. Trump and Mr. Giuliani seemingly deliberately instilling that fear and and stoking those FARs of uh. Resentment toward this witness. So we've got to make sure he's got full protection is is physical safety or do. You think his fear is prosecution of his family? It's probably both. My understanding today was his family had real reason for physical theory. Say the toxic social media environment, which we live do do. You know? I mean had you plant. I don't know if you've kind of organize what his testimony was going to be. But do you know what the scope of? It was going to be able to be was he going to be able to talk about things related to Russia things that he discussed with with Muller or the southern district, and we're your staffers going to have a chance to essentially pre interview him. So that when it was actually public testimony, it could be much more focused. Probably yes. To the the ladder the rules of engagement with Mr. Muller had not yet been defined. My understanding is we've made overtures our committee staff to the Muller organization. We have not had definitive response for Mr. Muller, and that's work in progress. But clearly there will be some boundaries, and we will respect them because we don't want to jeopardize the criminal investigation. Congressman appreciate your time. Thank you, very, great pleasure. Thank you for having me. Everyone else is going to stay with us. You'll get a lot more. Discuss Bill conversation about this remarkable day and later, we'll get veteran White House correspondent Sam Donaldson's take a new reporting about Kellyanne Conway and leaks..

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