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WTO are not all that we know but what will be with this force and and again supposedly Hey he's doing taking this seriously no one held trying his feet to the fire in Chinese in modeling him all the credit for it although we do not for all the wrong reasons because he's worried about the trade deficit which is irrelevant right yeah so you know was it out this is this is what I see okay you know you look at imports and exports from the United States imports are down from China about thirteen percent from where they were a couple years ago exports are down about eighteen nineteen percent from where they were a couple years ago overall imports and exports are exactly the same now as they were a year ago they haven't changed a bit we're selling other countries or buying other countries and candidly that's good for the U. S. really it's the Sherman it's good for us long run it's good for the global economy and as far as I'm concerned they should put the damp here some place and leave them there for a very long time until China actually starts to follow the rules of the WTO period and and you know it's it's very simple this really hasn't had much of an impact on us almost none here insulation is the nicer US right now one point five percent it's slow down from last year we keep hearing hearing about how these you know these chairs are causing the price of goods to go up where what so we haven't really seen at this point so what is nothing what is going to slow this economy down what do you see coming where's the storm cloud and when if you can predict it yeah I can't and I don't see it really yeah I don't know what we really are truly in Goldilocks times which I buy I mean it's it's not too cold but it's not too hot no the almost surest sign of coming economic problems is when the economy is too good right now I mean look at it if if Donald Trump had his way and and and Jerome Powell lowered the federal funds rate to you know what is what is for trump want at negative one percent negative yeah but let's just say for the sake of argument Paul Paul just went crazy and then cut rate the government in negative territory the way trump wants him to and certainly you know we took the regulations of the banks and the banks aren't lending like crazy consumer started spending you know you're on the show when we feel good growth will go up what would you would start to see is is dangerous transforming within our county dangerous imbalances that you know are going down wind to blow up in our face at some point time in the future she so the fact that things aren't that good right now it's actually really good news so from my perspective steady as she goes means this expansion is going to continue to go for a long time now eventually something will come up but you know I just don't know what that is right now so if you see the people into the times is still invest in the stock market even though you think it's about I would say that I think the stock market's overvalued but but again saying stock market's overvalued is completely different than predicting a big downturn stock markets the only question is the the stock market could be irrational longer than you could be solved where's a good place to put money than in this kind of market you know I I still like real estate I think rules it's a good investment right now the obviously getting into the into the tax base of the venture capital stuff there's still some decent money being made out there here and there may be yeah I I think that probably here and they're getting some stocks and some small start up companies that do you have a bright bright future is a good idea but yeah I have a tough time telling you just get into a full out market five it you know may I thought my money in the stock market but you know that again I'm set on all this equity that's built up and then eventually will price will go down and all that equities going to leave and and I'm starting to worry about it you know it's not worth me trying to time the market this is a bit dangerous thing to do I'm gonna ask you Christopher too before we go with two minutes left what about the the new after the the U. S. M. C. A. which I've been reading is not that drastically different from after it is that then again I will not it will not it'll be a blip on the radar screen as far as the difference is going to make from where we were before is that accurate we did but we didn't have to change anything nafta was fine the idea nafta had to be changed for some reason this silly they updated it and I think there are some good ways they updated it maybe they're moved a little bit of the injustice and it here and there for certain sectors of the economy but here's you know forget China Canada and Mexico these are important trading partners by the way they're also important political partners right our neighbors in North America we should respect the socks which have great relationships with folks and saying thank thank god they're going to get this thing passed because that for me was far more scary than China in in thirty seconds left the deficit yeah very scary but that's a decade away before that comes home to roost amazing Christopher thank you have a wonderful holiday thanks for inside your course surfers economist founding partner begin economics in Los Angeles he's appeared on today show Nightline CNN fox NPR in almost all sure to all the good stuff and the website deacon econ Dr Christopher thank him so much Peter I want to say I want I want to thank you as well for your time over the over the years chatting with you I've always enjoyed it I've never not take a car from you guys because I just love talking to you I want you to have a great holiday and I'm looking forward to talking to you wherever you end up next we will do that Christopher taker all right Sir I am seven ninety KABC king ABC dependable traffic right now in their one deal six of five freeway south into Ramona Boulevard major record earlier several cars involved couple in like three times just got the all clear a traffic still extra slow there six two five south approaching that area on the back of beginning about lower as usual road moderate park sixty freeway he's better than letting Boulevard to crash earlier right side of the freeway affected traffic is extra tough from the ten freeway in that area Santa Monica get word of a break down ten freeway eastbound at Centinela Avenue with the right lane blocked traffic jam into the water and then el hambre ten east bound.

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