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Aw yeah fire can set succession in a different direction the atmosphere because a lot of the peatlands whether they are in the tropics it's up into the air attack an hour now this is another thing some fires conspiracy quickly were whereas going for the larger fires and some of the fire pause into the stratosphere where they have an incredibly long lifetime similar dynamics of the fire itself yes that's another factor you got your pile up betray enough to burn you have to have the right rather weather conditions and then visa is a term that is now something everybody talks about a common term because we have the satellite data be a pyro cumulative Emma's piracy us and he actually has a got her but in the beginning there were only so many satellites and he said hey there's this thing Tom and other people said UH special malarkey he was adding and fighting that battle until now it's accepted and now in his AP's NBC British Columbia this past year they were equivalent to mine is stays in the stratosphere and goes around in a sharp whole now radiative edibles cumulative says a full Kano and there's a all we must have missed a volcano and he has connected fires and said signature is a is he looking at that he puts together multiple the big ones and there is aerosol signatures yes yeah and you can see the signatures that signature self you kinda remind Senate retrace his steps to figure out where when the test was that probably correlating with go because of how it changed environment.

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