Kyle Freeland, Rockies, Braves discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Now with Mike Reiss live at the Pepsi center and Mike the Rockies come close. But still just can't quite quite get her done. Yeah. That's true April. It looked like they might get over the hump factor early on. It looked like it'd be another blow out with the Rockies rallied still came up short and lost to the Braves, of course field. Eight to six Atlanta jumped up seven to nothing before the rocky scored six times in the fifth inning to get back in the game started Kyle Freeland was not his usual self. He gave up seven runs on seven hits in five innings of work manager butt-black walked donelson before. The Homer walk Donaldson again for the three running. So Kyle probably obviously, not as sharp as we normally see Rockies and Braves do it again tonight. We'll have it for you starting at six o'clock on KOA would and national championship game to cap the college basketball season for. Virginia held off Texas Tech eighty five seventy seven in overtime to win their first ever titling. I said to him before in the locker room. I said you guys face pressure that no team in the history of the game is faced will really all year. But but being down fourteen against garner web. I said, and you did not panic in that moment, and you fought, and you found a way out I said that I think has prepared you for this moment to be able to handle the pressure or the the intensity of national championship game. And these guys stepped up cavalier said coach Tony Bennett, they go from becoming the first one seed to lose to a sixteen last year to winning it all this season. That is crazy Avs gearing up for the playoffs. They'll open it up Thursday against top seeded Calgary nuggets have two games left in the regular season. I one is tonight at seven at Utah nuggets still trying to clinch the two seat in the west. We're live at Pepsi center for the boy scouts sports breakfast sports. Fifteen and forty five on KOA, NewsRadio the home of the Broncos buffs and Rockies. Lukasz Lucille.

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