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That's d o c now onto the day off. Don't just think just because you're passionate about something that it's going to work out and you gotta look at the era in which we're living Magazine's are not what they used to be. It doesn't mean that the written word is dying off. To be you had print advertising you had television advertising had radio advertising. Those were the big three now, you've got so many different options. Those three are still there, but they don't get a third of the pie anymore or they get a piece of the of much smaller piece of the pie. And so what I was looking for and what I think you need to think about if you're thinking about start up or you thinking about buying an existing business is you want to look for something that's ubiquitous. Meaning everyone uses. It has been around for a hundred years, but can you apply technology to it and bring it in to this day and age? Yeah, that's great advice home. If you find the need then you can have a business. Yeah Price at right? Hey everybody, welcome to the show today, I guess is Joe Beyer Joe has taken his love for the outdoors hunting fishing, whatever it is, and he's taking that into a multi-tiered career with multiple businesses. One of them being a magazine great days Outdoors. You also has fog Broadcast, I think the most popular one is Alabama saltwater fishing report. If you love the outdoors, you love business and you love life. You're going to enjoy this show. Hey, I'm Karen. I'm a former c p a z Ultra new business consultant with Big Ideas. Welcome to cheers to business. Go by you thank you for being on the show. Yeah, thanks for having me. You know, we've been doing a couple of shows about taking your passion and really making a business out of it and you have a passion of the outdoors. When did that start? Well Faith started as a very young age as long as I can remember. I had two very fortunate experiences and one was that I grew up on file River. I love Belle River I live there now. Oh, yeah. It's it's a great place in town. I live in a mobile and you haven't enjoyed Powell River you need to what nevermind they'll say that y'all know don't, it's not a lot of snakes in their Gators. I had a gator. Yeah, you know, I was lucky in that every day. I could get on the way I could go out in the woods and you know, I didn't have any neighborhood kids to play with so every single day. I was fishing or shoot my BB gun or run around in the woods getting dirty and that coupled with having some really great mentors as a kid. I had some people that just took me into the outdoors and and that was my dad and my godfather and what they did that was so important. Was and and I see that he see this in sports. You see this in in the outdoors. You see a lot of dads that are really putting a lot of pressure on their kids to be good at sports or to get outside may be a hunter be an angler. They never did that. They just took me if I wanted to go and a lot of times they didn't take me and those were the times that really lit a fire underneath me because they take my older brother and they wouldn't take me and I just kind of made me mad. So, you know, that was what really stoked the fire for for being outdoors hunting and fishing and really just just being outdoors. I grew up on the bay and I was like dad's running partner when he wasn't at the fire station, you know, we take the skip out of Manali Park and had the Gill net out or whatever. I'd be on a he'd go on a fishing trip and I'd be the only not only that's the only female on the boat. Yeah, and I don't mind being somebody's big girl. Well, it's a great existence growing up and it keeps you out of a lot of trouble. So when did you really realise that this passion could turn it off? Career as a kid, I didn't like being told what to do and so being a business owner always seemed like something that I wanted to pursue because they just oh, they're the boss. So I want a boss, you know, so it's all right, it's sometimes well, it's yeah, it's not it's not what they make it out to be but that was the original Drive. I remember as a child thinking, you know, we'd go to the sporting goods store and they'd begun and fishing rods and tackle and I stopped to be so cool to be a sporting goods store owner, but it was always wanted to be the owner. I wanted to be the guy at the head that was just really early on and then when I was twelve or so my brother actually got a job deck handing on charter boats down on Dauphin Island and man, he'd come home every day and he'd have he'd smell like fish and he'd tell me about all these big fish they caught off and he'd have hundreds of dollars in his pocket and I just that seemed like the most awesome possible job in the world. So when I was sixteen I I did the exact same thing. I went down and begged. Yep. Boats wash boats worked on the docks until one day. I got a shot and started working on on Charter Boats as I got into, you know got a little bit further along in high school. I realized that I didn't want to be a charter boat captain which is the next level. You know, you've got to go from being the deckhand being the captain because I like being a deckhand captain. I didn't want to be the captain that was the head that was the owner and so I started looking for alternative ways to to get into the outdoors and you know, I decided I want to be an outdoor writer at that point. I was really good my mom's an English teacher and and I reached a love writing stories. And so that was where it all starts and so I went to Auburn and went into the the agricultural college and agricultural Communications and my dad used to say, what are you going to do with that going to talk to cows? You know, and that was my that was my thought process. Is that what I'm going to go learn how to be an outdoor writer and that didn't pan out the best plan sometimes don't for a good reason. Yeah. Now your own a magazine tell us about Out great days Outdoors. So great days Outdoors was originally Gulf Coast outdoors. And and I read that magazine when I was a teenager. So you bought it growing up. Yeah. Yeah, so it's been around for twenty four years or so then in 2015, I sold a business that that I had started right out of right out of school and moved back to the area and was looking for my next project my next thing you know to do and in my previous business, it was not something that I was passionate about but I learned a lot about running a business in Business Administration from having that business, but I decided you know, hey, I've done that now let's let's do something that I've got an intrinsic, you know passion for and and I started looking around locally and I didn't really find anything that piqued my interest are are really loves passionate about and so I started looking for things that could be done from home things that could be moved and that was when I when I came across a great days Outdoors was wage. For sale at that point and so I bought my way in. Okay. Yeah the writing. Yeah, you know when I was when I was a freshman in college, I actually called the the editor-in-chief of a major life or publication and I told him what I wanted to do and I said hey, I just looking for some advice on what what you think I should do throughout College to ready myself and get myself to get a foot in the door and in the outdoor industry and he said, you know, he said don't do it. He said go go do something else. There's no money in it. He said I wouldn't do what you're thinking about doing if I were to you and that just crushed me at the time. You know, I was like that sucks, you know, and that was a listening to him was a good thing for me because it put me on a different path and but device worked out but it wasn't great advice. I mean, I always recommend, you know, you follow it and if you stick with it, you figure out a way to get it done. So what I saw with great days Outdoors was that I had zero experience with with publishing. I didn't know off. Anything about publishing my bachelor's degree was in sports medicine. My graduate degree was a Masters in Business Administration. I was unfamiliar with the business, but I saw a business that was was already in place and that I could learn a lot about without having to start from scratch. That was why I took the lead and actually purchased the company. Yeah. I always talk about jump just go. Sometimes you got to jump that Parish. It's not going to walk every time but you know when it does.

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