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This goes in line with that thinking we have too many lawmakers getting busted for drunk driving. So instead of holding people. Accountable. Let's just cater to their crazy and start paying for a ride servewell. I do see Kevin daily owns logic here because Sacramento is such a hick town. They don't have taxis. They don't have rideshare services like Uber. That they just want to pay for it. Gary and Shannon. Weekday mornings at ten KFI AM, six forty. Federal Bureau of investigation. One of my already mentioned to right. The second one. I was at a at a dinner at a museum near what is it? The Autry museum. Oh, yeah. The one right over here. And Jackie Lacey. Is there she's the district attorney and at the same table was a a woman who looked very official and she introduced yourself as Deirdre bike. We'll go fight. Now dump that and I said, I said, oh, that's great. What are you doing? She goes, I'm the head of the FBI in Los Angeles. I'm like, whoa. Straighten up here. I mean, these are two women that can put you to away for a long long time. That's a one two punch the district attorney and the head of the FBI by my Ps and qs. But anyways, they they both said they were huge fans of the Carol Burnett show. And then I drew the head of the FBI in Los Angeles at anytime you want me to come on just to call me more than happy to come on. So that's pretty cool a friend in the at the FBI in Los Angeles. You know that can't hurt. Tim Conway junior weekdays at six KFI AM, six forty four stimulating talk. That ninth birthday, even though nobody showed up it was one of the most memorable birthdays ever because that man made you a cake. Cherian, shannon. Weekdays at ten KFI. KFI AM six forty and this is the Bill Handel show. Bill off today. We'll be back tomorrow. Gary and Shannon coming up at ten. It's world suicide prevention day. And we've had some high profile suicides recently Kate Spade. Anthony bourdain v. And I wanted to bring Jennifer Jones Leon because you are the journalist. I am not and one of the angles here and the people at world suicide prevention day of put out this sort of factsheet, I guess, and it's kind of a bit of a Arabic's a finger wag at the media. But it's definitely a set of tips and tricks about how to report on suicide without making the problem worse. So that's why I want to get your reaction. So one thing is that. And they say that studies have found certain kinds of news coverage can increase the likelihood that certain vulnerable people will kill themselves. So they're actually saying you could report on something in a way that pushes somebody over the edge to actually doing it. They're not saying you could report on suicide in a way that would make somebody who's not thinking about killing themselves. Suddenly think about killing themselves, but someone who's kind of right on the line. Yeah. So one thing they say is when the story explicitly describes the method. That that can aggravate the situation for somebody. Totally agree. When you have a dramatic headline as opposed to a more neutral headline. The example, they give is this headline Kurt cobaine used. Shotgun to commit suicide. You got two things little sensationalist. But also telling you in the headline how he did it as opposed to the headline being Kurt cobaine dead at twenty seven. And so that's one thing is not you may not realize I'm not saying you. But sometimes the media may not realize that they are either giving people ideas for how to do it. And also that by sensationalizing, it some people internalize that as glamorizing it. I don't think the media is ever glamourising suicide. At all. But in the mind of someone who's already depressed and despondent and thinks their life has no meaning they can internalize it the other thing they say is that the media could do more when there is a high profile suicide they can do more to talk about prevention and where to get help. Now, I feel like I mean, I've heard the coverage here, and it seems like always you say here's the suicide prevention hotline or whatever, but they're saying that you should actually spent like instead of say talking to a family member of the person who killed themselves. Instead, you should bring on a psychologist. You should talk to them and get a quote from them about how to help someone who may be suicidal. What do you think about that? Do you like what level of responsibility? Do you think the media has been reporting on suicide in well, it's kind of a fine line because I think that it is our responsibility to report the facts? And if the facts are that someone committed suicide, then I don't think that that's irresponsible to save at that person committed suicide to romanticize the method in which they used that would be completely irresponsible. You know, they. Say the Robin Williams story, and I think a lot came out about how he committed suicide. And I think you touched on it. Once you say, he was found to you know, whatever way, and then you move on from it. I don't necessarily know that I think it's the media's responsibility every single time to bring on say, a mental health expert to discuss tips and tricks and stuff like that. Because then I feel like that opens. You know, it's sort of it's going to snowball into then isn't it our responsibility for every single story that comes out to if a man shoots his wife. Shouldn't we be talking to mental health experts about somebody going over the edge? Should they have a volatile marriage? I mean where where do you draw that line? Yeah. And that's obviously they're they're skewed heavily because suicide prevention, of course. All right. Thank you, sir. And we'll get news from you in a second. But then when we come back, what do you do? In fact, didn't didn't they just show this? That movie, you know, the movie the bad seed. Yes about the kid who's, and I think Rob Lowe, just did a remake. Yes. He did. Okay. Not didn't get very good reviews. But. What do you do if your kid is a psychopath? Hope they don't burn down your house. Well, it's very fascinating situation. I'm gonna talk about when we come back, but first KFI AM six forty the Bill Handel show. Jennifer Jones leaf news, please I highly recommend if you haven't seen the original go see it as a great movie, this chairman and president. I'm CBS is leaving the company after a fresh round sexual misconduct claims the New Yorker published two more women's against less moon last night with an hour. CBS announcement invested was on his way out in the company says it's negotiating severance deal requiring the invest to pay twenty million dollars to organizations that support.

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