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Retires. And then you've got Matthew Stafford supposedly in a deal with Los Angeles Rams because he really likes paying taxes. Tony Katz 93. W I. B C Good Morning. So what's The plan. Let's bring in Kevin Bowen from one of 75 the fan, one of 75 the fan dot com. You've got the article about what the options are, but before anything What this deal. Stafford likes this deal, or it was just the Rams are willing to give up so much that how could the Detroit Lions say No. And Stafford doesn't have a choice? Yeah, I mean, definitely more Ram than I do Think Matthew Stafford wanted and was intrigued by being in Los Angeles. Um I think his family wanted to go there. But again he was under contract. So the Lions had execute this deal on their own, and and it was impressive trade package. We got two first round picks. And potentially starting quarterback. They got Jared Goff back. He does carry a big cap it but at the same time he is only 25 years old and lives to GM comes from the ram. So it's very two different sides of thinking here. Tony, the Rams are all lead when now. The lines are looking much more towards a rebuilt I'm looking at your article over at 175 the fan dot com What the options are for the Colts a quarterback, but before we get into that list, what we're saying is, there's no way we're keeping Jacoby percent, and there is no faith that Easton, who we picked up in the last draft could be the start of this year. Correct what service eats and Chris Ballard isn't even sure if he's comfortable on him being the backup, and this was before Philip Rivers decided to retire. So you know that's against the first order of business there because Ethan is under contract. Whoever set the free agent we talked Jimmer stay for about an hour last week and then an hour, Jimmerson says that lot. He did not bring up the name to Kobe percent. One time he started 30 games to this franchise. No, you're in a weird situation right now. He knows the offense. But is anyone else but in no way, shape or form Do I think this is a window team and Jacoby Percent could be your starter. Your list. Includes a free agents and potential trade options in the free agent category, talking to Kevin Bowen from one of 75 the fan about who's going to be the quarterback for the Colts. You have Andy Dalton and Ryan Fitzpatrick, Cam Newton and Dak Prescott. By the way, Prescott in Dalton, both of the Cowboys mixture Boesky, Jamison and Jamis, Winston, and I think all those choices a crap and I love Fitzpatrick. I would adore fits Magic in Indianapolis. But none of these are good options for the Colts, are they? No, not at all. It's such a bleak list and again realistic option that Prescott is probably going to go back to Dallas anyways, and he would be the best name. On that list. So welcome to quarterback Purgatory and Antonio. I've said this often when you're in quarterback purgatory, its quarterback Hell when you don't know the answer, it is hell in today's NFL. And as a colt, you know, beat writer as a fan as someone that lived in this market for the last, you know, for my entire life. We're not deuce to this. You know, since the big nineties, the coast of really known who their starting quarterback is going to be or haven't had to think. Too hard about that decision, And now this is this is the reality at your end. So again, I posted those free agent names and posted those trade names. None of them are very ideal. You also got to think towards the draft, and if I were crisp out, I've been looking long and hard at that list. Then you've got the potential trade options, which include Teddy Bridgewater. Derek Carr of the Raiders. Sam Donaldson, the Jets Nick Foles, also with the Bears Jimmy Garoppolo, who made the big move Tol West Coast from the Patriots, Matt Ryan and the Falcons to Shawn Watson and Carson Wentz. Although there are some names and their of guys who can clearly play and some guys, so I think if they were in the right situation they could play like Sam Donald again. Man, Uh, except for Derek Carr, who I think could be a cult sky. There's no one here that that moves the needle is there. No, I don't think anyone that moves it to the degree that Stafford would have. I thought Stafford gave you a chance to potentially make a run in January. Now, you know, we obviously look in Kansas City in Buffalo, and there goes two teams are going anywhere. But The rest that group home with you actually think their car could make sense. But again, the Raiders have not floated their car out there Now. They haven't made the playoffs and last three years, so you never know with the Raiders, but still it's not like his name is on the trade market. Obviously, Carson went to the front brake. Connection played in N V P level, But you're gonna have to resurrect a big time career there and take on a pretty big contract because let's play terrible last season, Sam Donaldson, you know former top five pick Get him out of the New York market and just the dysfunction of the Jets. Is there something there? There is a level of risk that you'd be taking with all of these moves there. So again no one offers. You think ideal situation. I know the draft is difficult. That is the route that I would explore. So there's I don't know all the players in the draft and we'll get into that another time. But before I let you go Kevin Bowen from one of 75 the fan dot com You take a look at this list that you've put together and you realize My gosh. Maybe asking Andrew luck to come out of retirement isn't the craziest thing I ever heard. No, You are right. And your Jimmer say, um It's like talking, you know, uh, thinking about your ex, When was how we talked about is your luck so they have definitely, you know, thrown out the hay and Drew, are you? How are you enjoying Dad likes, but they definitely tried to make sure that The conversation doesn't go very far past that he knows what they think of him again. It's not a pestering annoyance by any means, but I don't expect and you love to be coming back. He does have one more year. Under team control. Jimerson spoke last week about okay, You know, it doesn't do the Michael Jordan, blah, blah, blah again. It's a lot of Jim just kind of being a hopeless Go to romantic with it all. I do not expect Andrew luck to shock the world and un retired that is Kevin Belen from one of 75 the fan dot com We will Be following this as it goes, Kevin. Thank you. I appreciate it..

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