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Now it's time for the last word with Lawrence Donald Evening Learning Rachel and that explains the Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell both talking about the possibility of this movie into the Senate around Thanksgiving yes because the calendar doesn't make sense unless there's a crunch factor in there that we haven't been able to see from the initial scheduling the depositions that mostly means the staff working weekends on the depositions we'll we'll see how many members actually show up weakened position Sarah Point thank you thank you we'll be operating principle of Donald Trump's presidency is to govern by lie and so he lied today when explaining why he surrendered due to the resistance once again this weekend donald trump's surrendered to the resistance that rose up after he announced his illegal and unconstitutional plan to the next seven meeting to a trump hotel so that the American government and foreign governments would be paying donald trump directly at the same time we'll get to that later in this hour trump lies and stupidity go hand-in-hand Donald Trump depends on a sort of collective stupidity for people to believe his lies they morning he issued a deeply disturbing tweet about the situation in Syria and the Kurds and in the tweet he lied about bringing our soldiers home he also got the secretary evinces name wrong and that's what makes it a classic trump presidential tweet the combination of deceit and stupidity with carelessness calling Defense Secretary Mark Casper Mark Esperanto got trump a lot of really hugh on twitter yesterday and a lot of laughs but I couldn't laugh this time sometimes I do sometimes laugh at trump nonsense and sometimes I just can't and I'm sure you well have those moments can't quite tell when they're gonNA come it's kind of a mood thing times when you laugh about trump and time you just can't for whatever reason this one was one of those moments for me where I couldn't laugh and the Mark Esperanto tweet did not strike me as funny it actually felt deadly serious normally typos on twitter ain't nothing but a Typo is when you type something by mistake that you know is wrong and you usually go correct it pretty quickly there's no reason for anyone in the world old to be confident that the president of the United States actually knew the real name of his defense secretary when he typed him as s onto but if we just limit ourselves to the typos just the typos in trump tweets and an official White House statements written by the least competent White House staff in history the number of written mistakes by Donald Trump and the people working for him in the White House is now something close to the number of stars in the sky and in a typical presidency you can spend a year looking for a Typo in an official White House Document and not find one these mistakes mean a lot from Donald Trump and the people working for you him they just don't care about details they don't know how to care about details and that explain anes has constant refusal to care about details he doesn't know how explains everything about Donald Trump's presidency from his deadly decision about the Kurds in Syria to his alleged criminal conduct described in the report and revealed in his own words in his phone call with the president of Ukraine he does not know how to care about details and so we'll take some time at the end of the hour tonight to consider in all seriousness the clear and present danger of having a president of the United States who might or might not have thought for a few hours yesterday four the White House corrected his tweet that his defense secretary is Mark Esperanto Donald Trump's lifelock long inability to care about details including details like the law is what has him on the verge of impeachment by the House representatives where the House Democrats are now working on an outline of what will become the impeachment case against the president in an exclusive report tonight. NBC News Says House Democrats are zeroing in our frame work for their impeachment case against President Donald Trump that will center on a simple abuse of power narrative involving the president's actions regarding Ukraine according to multiple people familiar with the deliberations Democratic House Committee chairs and leaders are still debating the need for possible additional articles of impeachment or charges that extend beyond the presence dealing with Ukraine but according to NBC News Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been adamant that the case against trump must be targeted and easy to communicate in order to build public support according to those familiar with discussions tomorrow morning ambassador Bill Taylor the Act some Basha to Ukraine who sent a text message calling a quid pro quo over military assistance to Ukraine crazy that was his word which is very easy to understand it is he is scheduled to be deposed tomorrow morning now now that it appears absolutely certain that there are more than enough democratic votes for impeachment in the house resentatives there is also a crack in the Republican Wall in the House representatives on Friday Republican Congressman Francis Rooney said that he is open to the possibility of voting for impeachment telling reporters I've been real mindful of the fact that during Watergate all the people I knew said Oh they're just abusing Nixon and it's a witch hunt out it wasn't a witch hunt it was really bad when asked if the president's dealings with Ukraine amount of impeachable offense Carbon Rooney said this I don't know I want to study it some more I want to hear the next set of testimony next week from a couple more passengers but it certainly very very serious and troubling and the very next day on Saturday congressman Rooney's boldness came into clearer perspective when he announced that he is not going to run for re election to his house and the Senate Mitt Romney is becoming increasingly comfortable with the role of Republican senator who might vote to convict Donald Trump in his impeachment trial in the Senate in an interview with the Atlantic's McKay coppins Senator Rondi said he will make up his mind signed about the impeachment case when he hears all of the evidence at the impeachment trial Senator Romney told McKay coppins at this stage I am strenuously avoiding trying in to make any judgment and Mitt Romney did another interview this weekend with axios on HBO ruling on TV and saying will you investigate my political opponent is wrong it's a mistake It was shocking for the in my opinion for the president to do so and a mistake for him to do so I can't imagine coming to different point of view we certainly can't have president's asking foreign countries to provide something of political value that is after all against the law leading off our discussion tonight or NBC News Correspondent Heidi Prisma Heidi broke the report about Democrats be focusing on the abuse of power in their articles of impeachment MSNBC political analyst is with higher let me start with you and your breaking news reporting about what the Democrats are considering a window now whether Nancy Pelosi or their whether nets Posey wants once start within policy a single article of impeachment that is simply about the phone call with the president of Ukraine or the possibility of including say elements of the Mullahs report obstruction of justice in separate articles of HBO we do know Lawrence that right now she wants a simple article with an umbrella being abuse of power and underneath that everything that has offend with regards to Ukraine which included includes that phone call it includes the reports of a quid pro quo about the military aid it includes Shing aside the former ambassador to Ukraine in order to install the president handpicked confidants who referred to themselves as the three Amigos who then helped to push the Ukrainians to try and cook up charges against the binds it includes all of those things but it is narrowly focused in the sense that it does just focus on Ukraine Lawrence still under debate is the second wave of charges which would be related to obstruction of justice contempt of Congress believe it or not that's actually a much more difficult and contentious one to decide on whether that is going to be just Ukraine where they think they have a really strong case the October Eighth White House letter from Pat Sip Baloney the White House counsel basically telling Congress to to you know go go you know where and and the they're just not going to comply with anything and whether they're going to include anything on Muller and obstruction Lawrence I'm told there it's a little more difficult because Congress where did get the chief witness in the obstruction charges Don mcgann to testify before Congress and they don't want to give any excuses for anybody to not support what they believe is a clear cut case of an impeachable offense when it comes as well to obstruction Heidi indication in your reporting of what the process will be how will the Democrats arrive at a consensus of what the shape of the articles should the big that's still really early Lawrence and I must stress that in my reporting that while there is this big umbrella focus on the narrative of abuse of power. The speaker's office did caution me that the actual legal drafting of articles has not begun because they haven't collected all of the evidence yet and all of the information but historically what would happen is that all of the committees would send in their best information Jerry Nadler the judy committee chairman has already called on all committees to send their best information to judiciary which would then be tasked with drying up specific articles but make no mistake the speaker is going to be the one who drives this all and who makes all of these decisions as to specifically how many articles that are going to be and right now again we're a snapshot in time but according to my reporting the thing that has been decided is the abuse of power narrative that they will hammer out something obstruction slash contempt of Congress but the additional articles at this time are unlikely now that could change with pushback from various stakeholders and committee chair people who've been doing months of investigative work on issues like emoluments who believe that the president is clearly violating that constitution by being continuing to you know own his companies and benefit from the presidency with the trump hotel in Washington and foreign governments there taking up in order to curry favor with him but right now we're just looking at abusive power in Ukraine and then something separate on obstruction and Ukraine and maybe something from the Miller Report Mika with your experience working in the House on the Democratic staff side how does that sound to you and do you think the House General Democrats would agree to that approach I think it's always a challenge to manage a caucus diverses one that's in the majority you've got people with a lot of different competing political interests here and a lot of different kinds of concerns but one thing that we've learned is that Nancy Pelosi is a master politician and her ability to under Dan exactly where the caucus is what they can support and what the political implications are that is unmatched and then she's going to be able to marry that with what is the legal ace for impeachment of the President I think that her instinct make it as simple as possible to understand with umbrella of abuse of power is really helpful all too often democrats can really get bogged down in process arguments.

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