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On the tubes bula slow right now on route one northbound south bound that is this is going to start i'm bucks county above the waxy to thirteen now's where we're delay from maple avenue all the way down at two i just about business route one looks like we may be getting a little bit of relief as we approach the turnpike but still that is very very slow northbound on ninety five just above the betsy rawls bridge left lane work crew taking everybody over to the right side so they're gonna be going all the way up to academy the rest of ninety five looks to be a pretty decent shape looks like maybe another slow spa but right around gerard going across the vine street expressway westbound things them heavy traffic starting from the ramps from 95 going out to around broad street getting out of the schuylkill expressway looking to be in pretty decent shape on the schuylkill going westbound university to south street some slow traffic and then eastbound from gerard into the vine street expressway look looks like we are picking up some delay as we're going westbound into the contra hawkin curve not seeing any other accidents though our problems are major roadways on the blue route we looked fine pennsylvania turnpike westbound west of them morgantown couple of miles of jammed up traffic there again that is due to construction not seeing any problems on the bridges into an out of south jersey forty two southbound a little slow at 295 but i you serious to report and we did hear from at t phone worst tips care at two one five seven twenty four 1060 that six eleven six eleven in warrington at st road there is an accident and finally here's a way you can save time use spothero any time you park downtown firsttime users can enter promo code bell for ten dollars off spothero park.

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