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It's long and documented they can't find any the evidence of a hack what they find is evidence of documentation and data being leaked and they even got to the point of examining the speed the davis speed of transfers and they found russian language template documents in microsoft word format where a document simply would need to be plugged into what copied in paced an english document copied and paste that would automatically become a russian language document the temple it was set up not hard to do by the way don't miss that nothing nefarious about that it's just that they found this they and they found data speeds that would only be possible if you're transferring from a hard drives data with thunder i've uh or or transfer speech from drive to drive but not over the internet things that would have to have been leaked and they found no evidence that any this data ever left eastern time zone they examined the men of data of the meditate you don't met a data is simply an examination of other data the netted data on a phone in a picture on your phone you know what that is the meditate a photo on your phone will have the timestamped and it'll have the location and it'll have the kind of camera it will have the f stop it will have the exposure all ca that's the matter data and you can change that you know what you're doing you go on and you can alternate location eat apple allows you to on the mac you can change the locate you can't change the real location you can change the display location if you want a say a picture did not did not snapped with an actual u un location services turned off but you know that picture is at your home's you can go in and you can say home for search purposes show me all pictures and haji utag the pictures having been taken in home the gps data where the photo was actually taken is there and that cannot be changed that can't.

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