Russia, President Trump, FBI discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell


The russia pro when you've been covering the ins and outs i think viewers have seen a lot of that here was there a colder who you know and i think viewers know is a very measured speaker most of the time laying out today what he thinks is happening but i think it's unprecedented i've never seen anything like that where a president is going after the attorney general going after justice department's going after the fbi this is going to have a long term negative impact i think on how these great institutions perceived by people in this country it is going to work going to have to be done to undo to damage that this president is doing for his own personal interest that's i think one of the areas in which the president has denied normalized american civic life the most is his relationship with the justice department their relationship between the white house and the do jay my official beat is the doj and i started covering it with the new administration so i'm comparatively new to the b and one thing that i kept hearing that i keep hearing from jump straight as soon as i started covering it from experts from former doj officials from people who love the institution and are very close to it has always been this is not not normal it's not normal for the doj to take steps that it's taking especially as jennifer mentioned as it regards prosecuting the parents of children who bring those children to the united states and it's also not normal for the president to try to pressure the justice department into basically changing the way that it enforces the laws to favour himself and his friends that's what this president has been doing that's what he's done with the russia probe he admitted as much to lester holt last year when he said he fired james comey who has fbi director was part of the justice department structure he admitted that he fire james comey because of the russia investigation and that breakdown sort of the normal separation the normal courteous distance between the white house and the justice department is one of the changes that's the most significant it's also one that congress is going to have some of the most trouble trying to reverse it's very hard to sort of renew normalize that relationship when the president has.

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