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That's disconnected from the controls. Keep mold from growing out of control and from behaving badly so. You'll get bacterial endotoxins micro-toxins so right now the the otas estimating over twenty five percent of all buildings have been effected enough to grow toxic mold have had water, damage or humidity issues that are significant or sufficient enough to grow toxic mold while I'm not a shoemaker train doc. If you look at Dr Shoemakers Own Studies, they're finding that number probably is more like fifty percent, or maybe even more when you start to look at the multiple species in the micro-toxins. I would definitely guests that I think a beautiful and not so great thing mold created for myself was becoming a canary in so being able to go into buildings despite my nose really know like if it is a clean build or not in yeah, just send a recent moves probably over forty different homes, just renting, not just departments either free standing homes in. Are just walkout. Don't even need a mole tester. mycotoxin touched for that, but to the average person. It may not smell like that I'm just really sensitive in my journey. Talk a little bit about how mycotoxin aren't necessarily with the negative vie, and really how and where they? Yeah so again thinking of mold illnesses, spor fragment, toxin and chemical, so it's got those most multiple facets as I'm listening. No, no I'm listening those in size so spores the biggest, and they can get into our respiratory passages in generally we have enough mucus there and things to kind of cough those out or clear, those sport fragments wins four gets broken up if it's like a a past problem, but But somebody says Oh let me clean up this ugly mauled, and they break it up into these ultra fine particles that are more like festus than us, for those can go deeper in toward lungs, and they can kinda lodge their cause, permanent lung irritation, and then there's these other two things, the chemical and the Mycotoxin, which are a little different whenever mold is growing, metabolize ailments, making just normal exhaust. When I jokingly called Farts, you know it's just the exhaustive metabolism, so it's eating and metabolising and then off gassing, and that's things like alcohol aldehydes. His so a lot of times, people who've been exposed to mold become chemically toxic because they've become chemically sensitive because they're chemically toxic, they've been taking on all of these metabolic off gassing from mold, but then the micro-toxins are a defensive measure from the mauled that it will only make of. It feels like it's trying to protect its property or its area or its community, so there are other types of fungus or `bacterial things that want to take advantage of that. Then it's spits out. These huge micro-toxins to those are the smallest they're not. Not a living thing, but they're ultra small chemicals, and they can move through building material there fifty times smaller than the smallest spore, they can also get really deep into our lung tissue, and that's why I listed those in the order of the biggest thing to the smallest thing because the smallest thinking get right in through our lungs, and now indoor blood system into our fat stores into the fatty organs of our body, and the reason is that these are fat soluble, so as you know a regular person, you fat soluble and you think. Love handle fat booty fat that kind of thing, but what a practitioner here's is bone marrow brain, gi, lining skin organs, detoxification lining of every cell lining of every might Qendra. These are so small. These micro-toxins can seep into all of those places, and you can accumulate an accumulate and accumulate, and that's where it gets really scary and dangerous for people you know as a mold canary..

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