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And holding the NFL's top rushing team to just 24 yards on the ground. Two weeks later, Ravenswood beat the Giants in Tampa in Super Bowl 35 earned the first championship in franchise history. That's tonight's memorable moment in football history. Sponsored by provisions provisions is the most recommended memory support brand by pharmacists Kevin Harlan, along with Kurt Warner, and they are having the flip of the coin now at midfield. Couple other players want to talk about before we get into this one players on your radar for the Raiders. Once a tight end ones are running back. You think they'll have their fingerprints on this one? There's no doubt it really starts with the run game With this Raiders team. As much as I want to talk about Derek Carr, its about Josh Jacobs and his ability to be a three down back, they can throw it to mount in the backfield, but it really starts. Up front. They like to run the football and get things going there and then when they throw it, it's really about Darren Waller. He has really come into his own and become one of the best tight ends in the league couple years ago was all about kiddo and Kelsey. But during Waller has entered that conversation as one of the best, if not the best tight end in the National Football League. So there is no doubt that he will be a featured part of this Raiders offense tonight on the offensive side for the Ravens. The running backs are gone as we've talked about they have signed Levian Bell on the practice squad. But the Freeman on the practice, but they did sign Latavius Murray, who was just let go by New Orleans, a nine year vet who would seem to work really well in this downhill running game of Baltimore. Well, I mean, amazing how he fell in their lap and a guy that football shape because he was going through training camp. He was ready to go with the New Orleans Saints before being released last week. So it was a great pick up that he kind of fell into their lap. Devonta Freeman. We like him. We like him, but both of those guys, we're not on rosters, not in football shape, so be interesting to see when they get moved. Done, but I really like what they have in Tyson Williams. Not a lot of people know about him, but he brings the power as well. So those two backs I think they're going to be just fine within this offense, Led by Lamar Jackson, We have had the flip of the coin. Baltimore one. They're going to take the second half kickoff, so they'll be kicking off from our left to our right. This is a natural grass surface tonight. Baltimore is an all white with black helmets, purple trim. The Raiders, black jerseys, silver pants kickoff coming from our left to right. The fans were given towels, white towels, all now waving them above their heads. And this has all the fanfare and spectacular view that Las Vegas can offer Henry Ruggs is back for the Raiders, and away we go. The kickoff will go in the end zone out of the black painted end zone. And it will be a touchback Kurt Warner to 25, where Derek Carr will have it first.

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