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Charity benefit in New York City, Wall Street titans are in attendance Rod Stewart is booked perform in a photo taken that night. Epstein has his arm around a woman. Pulling her head toward hiss so that his smirking lips Grazer Temple Epstein is tan and relaxed, and he looks like he doesn't have a care in the world On that same day, 1200, Miles south, a 14 year old girl in Palm Beach, Florida gives a statement to the police that will launch an investigation. But maybe Epstein is right not to be worried. Nobody cared what these women had to say Their insights were ignored as the Feds. And then the state made this case go away. Mr Epstein should have been looking at potential sentence of 360 years. At a minimum. That's not what happened because there was a power dynamic here wasn't their recent charges against Jeffrey Epstein have brought down a Cabinet member and tarnished the reputations of billionaires and elite universities. Here is a group of people and I got to say mostly men who talk a great deal about changing the world but are fundamentally Come home with a quick check of the stories trending right now on ABC News Radio 10 30. Austin there. Marty Walsh signs off on allowing Boston restaurants to continue doing outdoor dining until December. 1st not idea with the weather getting cold over trying to extend an olive branch, the mayor saying he knows life's been hard on. Restaurant owners threw the pandemic. What we're trying to do now It's true, a community effort to support you. Governor Baker is into that signing a similar statewide extension sometime soon. Boston police identified the victim in a deadly elevator accident in Allston 38 year old Carrie O'Connor was a fulltime lecture at Boston University Covert 19 now more problems in the school's a daycare worker in suburbs. Test positive for covert 19. No students came in contact with the individual. But two workers at Sudbury extended day were immediately sent home and the Celtics blow Game one of the Eastern Conference finals. First, the Miami Heat, squandering a few big leads. He win last night in overtime game to tomorrow night. I'm Drew Malala. W. R. K O the Voice of Boston and High Heart radio station. Before we get to that lightning. Can I just quickly comments on the Celtics last night share if you haven't seen it yet, the way that game ended. I know people think the LeBron block against the Warriors with something else that the blocked the end the Celtics game lives. I was the greatest block, I think in the history of the N B. A. It's It's I think that may be the single most impressive defensive play ever in the embassy is even better than birds steal birds was a little more significant is there's a game sticks. Game five. Game six. This's game one. But I still almost don't understand the physics of it. What the guy did. Jason Tatum goes up on a direct run to power slam the ball with his strong and is right and and in the middle of him doing that. I am Otto Bio, puts his hand up and rejects it wholeheartedly that's ending the game and then preserving the wind for Miami. It is if you haven't seen the video on my Twitter, but it's everywhere is the most impressive defensive play I think I've ever seen. Was a tough loss for the cell's own was not happy. I wasn't happy, but that was an unbelievable What a night in sports last night lighting you had that block. You had Tampa Bay, hitting the post in the manner that they hit the post and double overtime. And then losing the game. So now there's a game six and add Siri's and you have the Red Sox starting a kid who had never pitched before in the majors. He went five shutout innings and got the win. There's some cool stuff happening last night. People that said, we shouldn't had sports. This is why we need it. And this is why it's good that it's back. Anyway. We're talking about your favorite video music video of all time because Trump says it's November rain, which I argue is one of the worst videos of all time. First. I hate Axl Rose second All this was the whole Axl Rose Stephanie Seymour period and that didn't end great. And the idea of them getting married in a video wasn't awesome, anyway and then why did Axel jump through the cake? Like the whole videos. I not, I guess, right? So lightning I assume that music that you played coming in with some sort of tease for you to announce. What your favorite Oh, yeah, yeah. I mean, I've got numerous videos that I love but forevermore I will always love In sinks. It's going to be made video where they dress up like little dolls, and they bust through the car in and they go and meet these Barbies in the store, and they see the G I Joes and this whole ordeal and then the woman comes in. And when she purchases the dolls, they turn back into full size men love the whole video. Of course, I'm a big in sync fan. So you know, I can't speak to that one like no, you don't know. And I'm I'm surprised the Alice in chains video where they Because Lane's dailies. Drug problem was at its zenith. They couldn't do a video with guys. So they did a entire video with Alison Jane's as puppets. And it was fantastic and those puppets or think those puppets air in the rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Maybe. I mean that stuff's cool. I think it was cool. That was a really good video and the lane Staley puppet with the shades on fantastic. But what is your favorite music video? If it's not November rain, as Trump has suggested bees in New Hampshire be your next on RKO. How you doing, baby? My favorite. Well, I think it's one of the most relevant videos ever made. Is Billie Joe. We didn't start the fire. It sounds cliche, but I still think it's one of the most relevant videos of our time. I'm trying to even remember the video now. I mean, we all know the song. What.

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