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Great to have you along on a Wednesday, it's 1228. Time for traffic and weather on the 8s, Mary de papa and the WTO traffic center. All right, Mark, we're going straight to our working accident. It's in Virginia on interstate 95, unfortunately for those traveling southbound, you're caught up from after you pass triangle closer to the Russell road exit in Quantico, where that's exit one four 8. That's where you're going to hit the brakes in it as a slow roll to get past the exit for a quiet harbor ex at one four three, staying far to the right to get by the crash. Easy pass express lanes points southbound, but unfortunately you've got to delay they're going to join in before you get the breakaway point for this accident. In fact, your next breakaway point would be courthouse rose the next time to join a lot of folks may have opted out for route one without incident, but not an original idea, getting on from courthouse road puts you beyond all of this. Nothing in the northbound direction incident wines a couple of slowdowns, woodbridge newington, they happen when they flip the lanes, the interlude of the beltway, slowing towards 66 and passing there's work there at the interchange they block a right lane, but the delay will continue on the inner loop up to route 7, we're only two right lanes are going to get by a work zone that's happening there. They are transforming 66 and if you're heading east and centerville passing 29 they're in the left lane toward the beltway, there's supposed to be in the right lane, can't see them. D.C. two 95, heavy and slow working toward bending road where it last report, we had a medical emergency stay to the left to get by. And this traffic report is being brought to you by vda quicker and safer travels coming to 66 and to do this, the left westbound lane from route 29 in centerville through Gainesville will be closing tonight and will last through the 18th. You can learn more at transform 66 dot org Mary to pump a WTO P traffic. Okay, Mary now to storm team force Mike's Jennifer. Sky's a racial partly sunny to mostly sunny this afternoon, a slight chance for shower a thunderstorm across the southern suburbs where we have a stalled

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