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Include. At microsoft ace hardware nfl network. Ea sports yuki activision jet blue anymore. He lives in florida with his wife and his his two sons. And his young son and to bernie. Doodles name pause and waylon jennings ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome to the show and welcome to new direction nearby. Schon welcome near. Thanks for having me man. Excellent intro by the way thank you thank you. I appreciate that. That's been something we started as the very beginning of the show three years ago and It's something that has caught on with a lot of guests that come onto the go. You know what. I actually had guests said. I'm stealing that. Put it on my show. Yeah it's food for thought it kind of sets up the table. If you will kneel you're about t- let's talk about this creator mindset because the creator mindset is not something that we think about and you know you talk about. You're going to talk about this. But we kind of have a misconception of what we think. Creativity and being creative is Because we talk about this in the book the creator mindset that You know so often we. We pair creativity with art which is just such a bad thing to do. But you start the book and the introduction that there's a crisis this is what you said you said there's a crisis occurring in most businesses. Chris today and that crisis is a stark lack of creativity. The fact remains that the vast majority of people today are operating at after half of their potential. Let's let's let's start there and let you kind of expand that a little bit further. Yeah definitely so. I feel and i've seen this. You know i've i've had my own businesses. I've run businesses for others That we are not really using our full potential as human beings especially in our businesses and our products and services. Were just not using our full god-given potential to evolve houston hannity to the next level. What ends up happening is. We don't have that cure for cancer. We don't have the woman landing on mars. We don't have the amazing potential that humanity has uae because we haven't taken creativity an elevated it to that same level of analytics and you know i forgot what the numbers were there in the book but you have most businesses failing within a few years of starting ryan. You have a lot of people unhappy in their career path. A lot of businesses. You know wondering how they can get to the next level. How can they make more sale and for me. All of this boils down to at some point. It all boils down to the fact that we need to become more creating. so let's talk. Let's talk about creativity with stuck about chapter one By the way the book is divided up into four sections folks. It's it's a fabulous book About chapter when it's called creativity for non creative people and you said the first and most important step in this process of believing everything about creativity can be learned. This is an interesting place to start with. That creativity can be learned. Why is that such an important part for the creator mindset. So i feel that everybody would born creative everyone every man woman and child and i've actually done research about it looked outside the us. Southeast asia africa Problem solving attributes of children are always creative.

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