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Or anything about him at the time never heard of him and so there wasn't any there was a conflict i would've immediately stepped aside and asked it another prosecutor be appointed but you know my obligation to the people saint louis county is to handle the matters that come up and just because somebody thinks you shouldn't do that for whatever reason doesn't mean that that you have the luxury of saying well okay somebody else have something that was ever even seriously considered by you or anybody associated with you from a is not as it might sound symbolically to give more credibility the investigation do you consider that element of it looked at everything and but it was never it was never something that i seriously considered i knew i'd been doing the job for a long time and and and and very well over the years and had no doubt that we were able to manage that and handle it in a professional unbiased manner fair manner fair to everybody in in handle that so you know there wasn't anything that said there is a conflict here and certainly you don't get the just say well this is too hot to handle or somebody yelling at me so i'm gonna i'm gonna step aside i think that's you know i was i was entrusted by the people the county to to handle these cases and and m whatever cases come along and i i have that holiday shen to them and i take that abu gatien very serious michael brown's name is part of the international lexicon at this point and then your name really becomes debated all over the country whether it be calmness or news talk shows television cable news as to whether or not bob mcculloch should recuse himself from a number of things are set and i realize you're focused on doing your job in the investigation i would imagine over the course of that that had to be a difficult thing for you your family you've been through being in the center of of these top topics whether it be with jack in the box.

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