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He's Mike Meets Magic. There were some. I'm big shock. Who would dare the greatest athlete in the history of Sports Michael Jordan the most talented the hardest worker the most competitive the most successful? Who would dare try to match that? Not as something new six foot. Six shooting guard studied his mannerisms. Clearly as we all how did write his moves the way he dressed everyone. Kobe didn't say no watch this. I'm going to do in in chest. It's called an asymmetrical strategies. Someone opens one way if you counter with the same move since they have the initiative. You're always behind so there's something called an asymmetrical strategy. They opened one way. And you put pressure in in another way so you don't have to face them head on. Kobe said No. There's nothing GonNa be asymmetrical about my strategy. I'm going to do Mike better than Mike and he almost got there like. It's the most insanely competitive. No smoke and mirrors. I believe in myself the that we saw in that generation and the fact that that he would be the one to dare to do it and then basically do it is is a testament to the kind of belief the atom in himself and I think why he could be satisfied with himself in his second act conversations that Cobian. I've had over the years I would. I would submit to all of you. That the biggest reason why he was so happy now even more so than it is playing days is because he had more control over his own. Happiness you know when I was hosting quite frankly that was on. ESPN two from two. Two Thousand and five to two thousand and seven people were looking at me and they were talking about my interviewing skills and you know what had the potential to be one day and they looked at somebody like Oprah could be you and years to come copay came up to me and said an no disrespect to oprah whatsoever. He was like the hell with Oprah Harpo. It's not about being in front of the camera. It's about owning it. It's about owning your own product. It's about being control in control of of your own destiny. He never felt that way until the twilight years of his career. He comes into the league straight out of high school. He's got approved he's he's one of the early ones that depart from high school to come straight to the pros. Okay after Kevin Gone Net knows boys okay fine. So he's got something to prove He's an all star star before he's even a starter so he has to prove he's a starter he becomes a star but you haven't won a championship. You Win a championship but you you did. It was shot dead. Ultimately you do a without shack you carry your own team and people forget that that particular time when shack departure from the Los Angeles Lakers not shack but there were people in the NBA and the outskirts of La Community. Rather that wanted to who do serious harm to cope because they blamed him for shack. The party why was that significant because shack was the guy that shack a clause he will go into the community he was very filling philanthropy. Can what have you very charitable with. Its time and and an all the giving that he did they took it as a personal affront compromised because of Kobe Bryant and they wanted to do him homage shack ultimately stepped in and was like right now. This is just basketball. Don't lose perspective. You do nothing to that man. There were people literally who want to do harm to him. So what does Kobe Do. He's knows about all of this. He senses all of this and he says I'm GonNa make everybody love me again because I'm going to deliver the one thing that they value and that's championships. And so he i. He demands trade then after that the Trade Kwame Brown acquired Pago so he goes to three consecutive. NBA Finals. He went back to back. Titles you know over Orlando over Boston okay. So then that question was answered. Then okay okay. What are you going to do here because Lebron boys go to Miami Kobe's ready to go? But the Gaza fading then ultimately coaching changes injuries. These comments to play and whatever everywhere he turned there was always a question to be answered questions from somebody else that he had to answer about his life his career his destiny is vision. What his goals should be and then ultimately he retires from the game of basketball and the question stop them from everywhere else but in his own self? He had questions questions that he wanted to answer for him. But he was no longer feeling the need to defer or or to you know capitulate a two or to appease anybody else other than himself the happiness Katie from he had control as far as the legacy. I WanNa ask you you this. My Dad always says this quote how you do anything is how you do everything and I feel like he did everything with excellence and he inspired so many people including myself. You see a picture. Sure Kobe to step your game up. You want to hone your craft in another level and I think how he led. He was a trail blazer. He was a pioneer. Can you speak to some of that as his legacy legacy inspiring others shore. I mean he inspired athletes in all sports as Laura eluded to I think he inspires people outside of the world sports he certainly transcended sports in his impact in the people. Who cared for him he? He's spawned a generation of people. who were Kobe fans? who weren't even Laker Fans Ryan Clark who we all know and Love was? He texted me yesterday. Saying I never met the man and I'm crying. I'm sitting in my house crying right now for man that I never ever met Ryan Clark will tell you he's not a Laker Fan. He's a Kobe Fan Kobe hat. He inspired a Phantom of passion. His fans that was unique. It was actually even even different. I covered Michael Jordan. That's how I start. We all came to this from different places. I started in Chicago covering Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan was beloved everywhere including I fans of teams that wanted to beat him but there there is a specific passion. And I can't put my finger on how diagram there are Lakers fans and there are Kobe Fan. And there's an overlap but they're not all right and that's exactly right and even Jordan didn't inspire that there is a passionate dedication education amongst the hardcore. Kobe Fan that I think you're you're touching on campus. He created sadder version. Why did he he may want to be a better version of our he created stands? Kobe was the embodiment of practice. Makes Perfect. It's perfect practice makes perfect perfect. You take your passion and you work it until your craft is perfect. That's and because of that because you put in the work and it wasn't just going through the motions but it was with your passion at that point. Kobe always believed he was going to win. He had perfect self confidence But it wasn't just kind of baseless faith it was faith because he put in the work and therefore had no talent right and it was born of his passion for the game. So I think anyone I think you just mentioned molly. You had a an image of Kobe. You were inspired. Because it's it's like this. What is this thing that I loved to do and if I really love it and want to be great at it I have to work it until I know? There's nothing else to work and I got it. I didn't don't even want to do the show today. I felt sick to my stomach in Mamba Mentalities in my mind you gotta power through it. You know one thing that I would say to about what Kobe brings brings to the table. Just From a legacy standpoint is the credibility that he lends to anything that he puts his stamp on and I would put women's sports in that category specifically glee the WNBA and and just the work that he did to add credibility where look there should be embedded credibility. But there's not all the time and for Kobe to stand on anything and say that it was good or that it had potential was to mean that it would instantly be looked at differently and in a more positive light and I think that's one of the things that makes all of us want to be better when you think about him and there's a genuine quality because he opened himself up to be viewed by everybody in in any number of ways that then he can look at everything from that standpoint. And that's how. I started champing women in Sports. By the way I love the question with. Oh Steven A.. Because what is it. I can't answer.

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