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Brick and mortar places. Would you start a business in downtown Indianapolis right now? No, I certainly would. Not there. There's no way I would be. As I said, I'm not afraid to walk around downtown in an apple, some kind of a big guy, so it doesn't really scare me on again. I wouldn't do it at night, though. There's no way I wouldn't I would trust any sort of financial investment or any money. I would have to stand there with a gun. I there's no way that I could just walk away at night and leave my business standing there so I don't see how how it's going to attract any new businesses anytime soon, however, Rob I do want to point out. I just posted a video today. That was very uplifting. In my opinion, I didn't realize I rarely get downtown Indianapolis early in the day. I've never been there at noon until this week and Independence Day and and and I didn't realize they play the national anthem. On the circle at noon every day. I guess it's every day. I was fortunate enough to be in a spot where when that song started, I looked up. There was a guy that I know I've seen him around. I know he's homeless, and he was staying there with his hand on his heart, very erect hand on his heart. And it was very emotional. So I took his picture as a photographer. You typically don't Stand still for the national anthem. You do take pictures. Otherwise we'd never know the Collin company took a knee or anything like that. So the photographers are working during the national anthem. It is acceptable, But then I looked up and there was a group of service men and women from the army. So I took those photos as well. And what was really cool about that is they were a diverse group. They were all different races and and male female, that sort of thing. So that was a very uplifting, very cool, emotional moment for me, so and all of the negative downtown, there are some really cool positive things. Real quick before I let you go. I'm going to let a secret out of the bag. You were the guy behind the camera on my infamous video where I cleaned up Eric Holcomb's bullcrap in the profanity about the police on the on the Statehouse lawn, because he will go. Wow. That video is really good. How'd you do that? I said it's a secret. No, it was you. You were the photographer that build me cleaning up very disparaging, perfect. Vanity about the police on Monument Circle. Jason Dozer. It's Jason Does your photography dot com and you're going to keep coming down for at least a little while trying to capture the vision of Indianapolis? You called me right before I was headed out back today as well. So, yeah, I'm trying to get you know what they may shut the city down at any moment. So I'm trying to get out and capture as much activity as I can. I did also noticed there I believe was the high school girls basketball tournament popping up here, Which really surprised me this week. I saw some of the kids out there and ask him. I know what you guys doing here in town. We have a basketball tournament. Are you gonna wear a mask playing basketball or how they're gonna handle all that? But But But things are slowly looks like maybe despite what the politicians are trying to do the stunt the growth does seem like things are trying T get back to normal. So, yes, we'll see. But I want to be there to document it and be able to tell the story and see how it comes out. All right, Jason, Joe Jason does your photography Dios e i e r.

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