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Just cooking great food for kids henry the point not that point drives me nuts out so you you've got we've got a massive problem with food related illness in this country timber pounds and national i've spent hills part of the solution for that is improving the culture improving the cooking and that is not kind of middleclass concern you need those skills to turn it around i think that what would you say it will be seen as smoking was ten years ago put a freighter actually on on our twitter will i want to ask henry white fifty years ago school roads potatoes warriors it impossible not to make them like we did are you still asking my mom and she never could were maybe it's your mom potatoes yes sunfire actually that may well be the lesson of the last five minutes is everyone should go to gay community school in hackney where nicole pisani is the head chef thanking cohen henry dimbleby as well and as the sport her good morning lance armstrong won the tour de france seven times but he was banned for life for six years was banned for life six years ago for using performance enhancing drugs overnight it's been revealed that he'll pay the us government three point five million pounds following a lawsuit well our sports editor dan ronan joins us done good morning so the background it centers on the team armstrong was writing for that's right gary yes that the prospect of losing his considerable fortune has loomed over armstrong since this legal battle began back in twenty ten when he's former teammate floyd landis launched a lawsuit in two thousand twelve after an investigation by the us anti doping authorities armstrong and some of his teammates were found to have doped he was then stripped as you say of his record seven toda franz titles and then in two thousand thirteen he finally confessed that he had cheated the government then chose to join the land is lawsuit with former sponsors the us postal service claiming that it would not have backed armstrong's team if it had known about his cheating but he and his lawyer is always.

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