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Is seven three seven here on Colorado's morning news going to take a look at the business side of things is the market opens here with a Pat to into sports the avalanche hitting the ice again tonight in buffalo on the on the road to check any of a number six the prices of the word about have been cleared a little bit better drive was found thirty six like pressure Broomfield what's redacted looks like that's gonna all what's with itself is pretty busy and slow that northbound side as you make away from church ranch up to a hundred eight that it looks like we've got a crash nor bell was rude near a hundred and eighth which before you get to the boulder turnpike to slow you down are you Dr downtown going to get a little bit better too you're still heavy on south and I twenty five from before six stab you that crash at Alameda is gone also that is good news northbound as heavy of Santa Fe but a slow drive everywhere this morning and rightfully so it is still a very sloppy slick drive certainly slick and story coming out of your neighborhood and when you get to the highways it's a sloppy drive this warning speech a reduced not a lot of axes are cleaning up one on I. seventy six west bound best bar lake are your drive downtown and into the tech center slow between the tech center downtown on I. twenty five your six that you drive to eighty five along the foothills as they were saying from C. dot worse along the foothills higher snow totals so watch out and see for seventy year two eighty five Dr are your I. seventy drive and ninety three between golden and boulder this report is sponsored by geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent more in car insurance do you own or rent a home sure you do fortunately geico makes it easy to bundle your home and auto insurance it's a good thing too because having a home is hard work go to geico dot com get a quote and see how much you could save geico dot com easy that's a big ten minutes on K. white eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM okay folks your favorite things feel made for you your education should too university of Maryland global campus formally university of Maryland University College was made to serve the military and working adults like you today.

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