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What we came out with and two thousand thirteen of ready for example claiming the need for four for legal migration to have a migration law dr regulated migration this is what we came up with their four years ago and now they're picking this up then we came up with the idea to stop bringing boats from libya to europe but rather rescue those people who are in danger in the middle of the mediterranean and then but bring them back to libya this was brought up by our space in the beginning now they the others taken over all other parties as saying they won't work with you when you work with other people sure if someone is coming out with a good idea was supported good idea you know we're not we're not going against the are this because i four 404 causes of principle we are just focus on our program and in some of picking up a programme of course we will support it of course you yet are you already talking to other parties no at the moment i mean below the the election as it is it is a week ago we had at the moment establishing our group so we're not yet and talks with other parties but of course we are proposing our programme and we can see that they picked it up we need an inquiry and commission in the parliament this has been picked up bye bye the liberals for example as a social democrats who came up with the idea to have their migration law like like canada has one i'm so we see that they cut coming out with our program and if they come up with that and come to the parliament over those ideas we will of course supported of alexander gallant as i say you're currently they said the government should get ready for tough times we will how around her and angela merkel we'll get our country and our people back what does it mean what are you.

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