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Just an honor to play for this organization. Gallo has to be. Here's the one oh thrown a high wide and degrade getting for the wall at ball Eh kelly. jack's wanted to write three run home. Run gave the yankees elite. Who is a piece. How joey and ready to cry because he grew up. A yankee fan like anthony. Rizzo told us a couple of everybody. Grows up a yankee fan. of course. yeah. I didn't set that one guy who is the rookie pitcher who didn't give an answer. Is that his name. Yeah yeah we're like who. Did you grow up a yankee fan or a met fan little both these guys. These guys are gushing over yankees win. Five yeah gallo. Not only at the home run couple of doubles in this game as well as three hits but the go ahead home run for sure puts the yankees ten games over five hundred. The five three win over seattle mariners by the way had the lead because of a home run by guest. Hooah jared kalmyk The former met the prospect. Another one point trees. Vulner- that's right. Brody's boehner jared kalmyk Here's aaron boone. No surprise gallo at a big nightmares kind of a matter of time where he really broke through and obviously he'll went out of the park and a huge one that that no doubt about it a couple of other things all move on and were short on time chad. Green the win relief Nestor cortes nut great but no decision. He threw five innings and the yankees find themselves. Now just five out in the loss column not for the wild card but for first place trailing tampa. Yeah because the red sox have fond smart times though. I do believe they won last night. You got juan de peralta. Marco gonzales tonight on the fan at six twenty five now before the game. We did have aaron boone. Tell us that. Gary sanchez is the latest yankee to test positive for covert so that means more of kyle higashi yoga. It's never a good thing when when somebody goes down with you know you're either. Covert or or injury so You know all all you know graciously accept any opportunity. That comes my way. But that's not how many tests positive covert and did he have the The you know the vaccination questions boomer good questions and you got he also said call garrett cole was having pretty good symptoms wile who is the other one. That test deposit sanchez jordan. Montgomery is a symptomatic whole though was was dealing with stuff and so this is the latest. The yankees have had this issue all year long and guys have been vaccinated on this team. I don't know about sanchez specifically that they get. I think jason right. That's what wanna shot. Yeah the one shot gezi. That's what they called it. That's what they call one shot. Who apparently everybody didn't know what's his face. Never got that little of the yankees the kovin. It's been a lot of the the yankees and the nationals had serious issues with covert all year long. That is very true. As for the mets. I don't need to play you the audio but I will tell you that they lost the marlins for two they lose. Count them three or four all of you that were laughing at the yankees for only sweeping the marlins over the weekend. The marlins damn near swept the mets and a four game series three or four whore. Hey i'll farro with the go ahead. Rbi single in the eighth lewis. Brinson two run double The leadoff batter on that ninth. Eric's use me. The eighth inning should have been struck out but the home plate umpire just whatever blue chunks and made it a walk and that kind of set the wheels in motion. Jerry's familiar lost the allowed. The three runs in one third of an inning in the eighth havi. Baya's woo over five. Five strikeouts mets of six. And a half and jerry. You know you can have nights like the night before. This was like hobby by as microcosm hobby by working on. Shell wins the game for you tonight before and an old for five five strikeouts in the problem. Though with yesterday was every damn time he came up. I think except for once he had guys on base in front of. Yeah i know and you're not even moving the runners along not driving in runs with fly balls just with with with with with the way. It's a catch twenty two there with just put the ball in play a double sided double edged sword as they say with that huckabee biased. I'm wondering if his eyes are open when he's swinging. I mean because he's been by a foot. He had a couple of them that he really miss badly. I know what you're there was one in the dirt that he struck out on that he swang way over the top on. I mean it's just winging it everything. I'm watching the highlights again. It's just it's not even close though. His body's going left balls rice. T looks terrible. Now you these yesterday. He did so by the way he might come chirp at us. If don't be chirpin me. I love that guy. Still yesterday was tough but is these one of my favorites. What do you mean you might become chirping at us because he he's wants to fight every chirped at the marlins last night after the homeowner. That's his that's his. Mo is chirpin piece so he. I think it's his second or third platinum sombrero. yeah Phillies beat the national seven. Six with a four run ninth and the braves beat the cardinals eight four. So you got the mets now. Fifty six and fifty two only a game and have choose me a half game clear of the phillies top. The analysts there in philadelphia tonight. Marcus stroman mr baseball. You're gonna have days like this. Hopefully he doesn't have one of those nights tonight in these big night tonight. Remember when you're cole pitched in houston he also pitched in fenway. Believe an ad back to back really great starts exactly when the yankees needed. Stroman to tell louise. Ross get the f. Off my mound. Exactly because not that long as long as you mentioned i i i guess you consider him the ace of the staff now. The graham not sure pitching so this is when you need your best player to step up give you a grape of one. I think the acis tyler mcgill. Even though he had a pretty bad outing last time kyle gibson goes for the phillies The braves wound up winning with that win over the cardinals and nia former astros pitcher j or richard passed away at the age of seventy one. A great career. Cut down by a stroke me. Now we're going through his numbers again. Didn't pitch a ton but man when he did pitch a lot of innings a lot of strikeouts and a lot of wins so very sad. News there Hall of fame game in canton ohio. Steelers beat the cowboys. Sixteen to three One note from giants camp. Kenny golladay will miss a couple of weeks. A hamstring injury. I'll give you a couple things quickly from jets cam. This is michael. Carter jets running back. So we're wondering about zack. Wilson here his impressions of what he sees a he. Just he's a great talent He's a humble bees. He just wants to be great Regardless of what everybody says about. So i guess there are critics out there already. I don't know but he says he does ignore the noise. He tunes it out and he goes to work. Because the life of a quarterback they loved one week him. Next a humble be humble beast that will ignore the critics. That's what you want here. I would think so. That's good news from jet camping. I give you one from patriot. Camp because bill twenty four minutes yesterday with the media yes And one of the questions was about the weather because it was pretty crappy up there and he said we practice. Yeah well again. Whatever it is it is. I can't control that so looks like the field will be wet. it rains. It rains a dozen a dozen. Todd talk series pretty funny quickly couple of other things here and i get out of your way the. Us women's basketball team beat serbia. This morning. seventy nine fifty nine. They advanced to the gold medal game. I got the men's team playing france tonight in their gold medal gain ten thirty. Pm you stand up for one bar. Watch the new nick. Evan and watch Frank ntilikina warm bench for france while their teammates. Now right we'll kneel aquinas. Probably not gonna be out next year barcelona announcing that due to financial issues they cannot resign lionel messi. Ooh so he'll be leaving. That'll come to the net.

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