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Taken from new media raised in rome and he was exposed to karekin roman artistic flourishes but these things are actually already there too so he s he may be got like a huge dose of it while living in rome ultimately he did go back to rule his family's kingdom with a ptolemaic queen effectively as his consort who also was raised in household of octavian. So there's interesting global milan of things happening across the mediterranean. If you will so many interaction points that by the time he is creating his mausoleum for his own funeral monument or that of his wife. Of course these things are part of his way of expressing himself. What was interesting about what you said about emulation being contextual leagues careful term. We need to think about is. There's nothing about this monument or his agency and making it the way he has to me that says he's he's making it because augusta's made one in rome and that's why he's doing it. No this is. This is important to him. And how he is presenting himself and how he connects into the world around him in the mediterranean. So that's i think a really good example of what we're talking about here. Yeah and then he spring with that his frame of reference a very similar an older structure existed already at deepen further into geria- applicable back. Now that was what is traditionally linked to muslim..

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