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You would think that if you get into the end of this virus known not quite white and then on rob makita podcast millennials killed it rachel you wanted about all the things that the millennials killed off yes of course i check out robert akiva nita podcasts spoi- spoiler alert millennials are doing a number on beds the beds changer changing it up tara's going to be live in the morning on monday tuesday wednesday thursday special time on fridays today's to people okay beyond the lookout for that eleven a. m. eastern eight a._m. Pacific ah for terron monday thursday and saturday and sunday and then the osce roundtable also taryn yes tomorrow night's be prepared appeared nine pm eastern. Yes okay elsie roundtable and then on wednesday night. We'll be talking with scott yeager of the challenge. Mania nia podcast is going to be joining us on our wednesday night recap to find out what will happen with a veto and caitlyn will be back on thursday for the eviction recap and i'm going to be flying on thursday. I'm headed to a podcast conference. Kaelin is going to be here. You're from the studio. She's going to be sitting right here in this chair. Oh my god you're in when he while he's yes. Is this a mistake now now. I think you'll be fine. You're co-signing. You're vouching for any damaged property or stolen damaged property <music> not davidge properties. I need somebody to cosign guys. Okay aright of course all this podcast thing that you just heard about is made possible muscle because of the patrons who support rob has a podcast. They get access to our patron. Only podcasts eat our facebook. Patron community and much watch more over at rob has.

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