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Head coach followed up someone. I think Tony Levin Really whiffed on his first offense. Coordinator Higher and that they had a rough. Go Out of the gate. We've seen that. The leadership at Houston is incredibly volatile. To put it mildly you know the his last season. The team goes eight and five. Again then the next year Tom Herman comes in and he. has a huge season and then the next year, which would have been Tom. I guess it's Tom, second year he goes nine and four and has the same record in the A. C. Five three. What do you think? I think you're much more familiar. With the inner workings of the Tony Tony Levin regime than. but You. Don't see a lot of examples where first time head coach. Well you don't feel examples where the first for where the first time head coach who who flounders. Gets a second chance and redeems himself on his obviously the exception but you know if you WanNa, blame will must champs. At the time wanted to blame, we'll Muss Champs Florida tenure on him. Being first time head coach was like things have gotten much differently at South Carolina so I think it depends on how much you learn from the experiences you have, and then you know and I've made this point several times. You know in stories in also on the podcast. I'm sure is the most. The biggest aspect isn't whether you win the press conference on Day One. It is how well you put a staff together and sometimes and I think it certainly happened with all champ at Florida and it happened with Tony Levin at Houston If you miss a couple of critical hires. You're digging out of a big hole, and you may not be able to get out of it because depending on how volatile the leadership how much they trust you and whatnot, or how much pressures on them it's just. It's hard to undo that. Michael in Atlanta enjoy the PODCAST. Guys, thanks for providing us the great content, even though we may not always agree. Do you think there's a bias towards office? Offensive minded coach in College Football Reading Athlons, Recent head coaching ranks where they put Dan Mullen ahead of curb smart. or where you guys constantly but. The head of Kirby though Kirby's Def- is this the same person who's constantly writing in into to get on us about Lincoln. Riley out of curry can't remember though curry's defenses performed better than Riley's offense, tougher league, and he's beating them head to head Mike Leach gets a lot of love is an offensive genius, but defensive-minded head coaches appear to fail to get similar love especially up and coming coaches. I think Michael has a point here to some degree. I still would hold up Lincoln Riley ahead of Kirby at this point And I down loans a really good coach, but I don't know if I would put him quite ahead of Kirby at Michael's email. He does mention that. Kirby Smart has beaten Dan Mullen three years in a row Look, when I went back and looked at my top twenty five rankings of coaches this year. There's a couple of guys who are defensive-minded guys who I had high on my ranking, probably had them higher than most people did, and that's Kyle Wittingham Gary Patterson. But then I feel like there is. The, there is something to be said for its I. Feel like it's easier for the for the people who cover the sport whether it's the people announcing the games or writing about them to kind of gravitate towards Lincoln Riley as a play caller or Dan Mullen in this case as a play caller or certainly. Mike Leach I mean it's. It's a little easier. You know the the. The cliche is often sells tickets and I. Think they create a buzz with that, and it's just easier for people to grasp. Grab onto scheme that on the offensive side of the ball even when it's defensive. Guys I. Don't necessarily think people look at them. Define him as defensive guys now. Nick Sabin, they certainly do as I you know my examples. Gary Patterson and and And and Kyle Wittingham. Hold Up, then you start to get into. It's just not a Lotta. Guys right now. I mean you could put. We both had oprah on our top five I. Don't know that you know because he wasn't. He was a defensive coordinator for one season in the SEC at Ole Miss, but for the most part people unless you were a coordinator, a level I think they don't see it that way, but you can kind of go through the list here whether it was James Franklin or Jimbo. Fisher I mean there's a lot more than you know then what? Than what Michael talked about Scott. Satterfield fits into that category. Former OC I think there's is. Matt Campbell even though he's a defensive player, was was an offensive coordinator. David Shaw was an offensive guy You know Paul Chryst so there's there's just a lot of them. Just kinda piles well. Just look at who gets the Big Hey coaching jobs, right? Tom Herman Offensive Guy. Head coach at Texas Mike Norval, exciting offenses at Memphis gets the Florida state job meanwhile. Brent Venables still still still defensive coordinator is Brent Venables choice though but I. Have you ever heard of I mean? Kirby smart did get a huge job and you mentioned a minute ago. Will Champ got a huge job? I mean and it has happened Dave Aranda by the way got. You know got a really good job I think that's the difference right there. You know, David Rhonda. Link Bob Stoops handed over the keys to one of the most successful programs of all time to first time head coach because he's an offensive guru Dave Randa has been one of if not the most respected defense coordinators for years, and when he finally gets the opportunity, it's at Baylor, which is a good program, but not a Blueblood so I- Lincoln Riley Physically Air Lincoln Riley. Was There Ryan Day was there. That's part of why they got elevated into those jobs I think. Yeah I think it's a combination of there. Aren't I mean Jimmy Lakes Jimmy Lake just got the Washington. That's a really good job, and I think he never happens I'm saying that. Flip a coin. It's usually going to go to the just think it's easier to sell to the fans and the boosters. Hey, here comes the guy who who who put up forty fifty point game his last job versus here's a guy who's very respected for his defensive game plans, so I don't know I i. think that's a little of a stretch I mean. Pat doozy gotTA good power. Five Job Jeff Half Li got a pretty good power five. Yours is about you know. Mid Level Power Five I. Know, but I mean we're also. We also talked about Georgia and Florida and Washington Hurry Smart Marketing Georgia. Florida the most will most jail the one I mean. You GotTa go back to? Oklahoma hired Bob stoops as a first time head coach because he was Steve's really good defense coordinator for Steve Spurrier and Gosh I mean..

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